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I wrote this one along with All I want for Christmas is you, so I decided I would post the sadder one too.
I sat in my old room at my house in Linphea. It’s been a while since I’ve been home for Christmas. I was supposed to spend it with my friends on Magix, but I am snowed in all alone because my little sister and parents left yesterday for my grandparent’s house. I guess I should be used to it since this is how I spent it before the Winx because my grandfather hates me since I got accepted into Alfea and Linphea College, but I choose Alfea instead....
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Lol you all thought I was done with these. Sharon has like 3 more albums for me to do!

"Is it true what they say? Are we too blind to find the way? Fear of the unknown cloud our hearts today come into my world, see through my eyes.
Try to understand, don't want to lose what we have."

It was her first time actually getting into a relationship, a serious one anyhow. Riven wasn't much to boast about even she knew that. But hey, he said he loved her and that was enough. Or it should be enough. Riven never really seemed to see anything Musa's way. It was always 'Riven, Riven Riven, what does Riven...
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At Ardin's Hideout, Flora is'nt awake yet, Ardin summons the three witches. Icy: Woah!! Where are we, and who are you? Ardin: My name is Ardin and i'm the one who summoned you. Darcy: And what is Flora doing here? the witches took a look at the unconcious Flora. Stormy i think you are not an enemy. Ardin: Yes, and i want you to help me make Flora evil and defeat the winx. the Witches: Sure,Ardin. Flora awakes...... Flora: what happened, where am I? Ardin: you are in my hideout, Flora. Flora: what? Ardin: now choose Flora: you will marry my son, Argel and be evil or be evil yourself. Flora:...
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The Sisters were 15 minutes late for dinner and got a 5 minute leture from the professers so really it was grab and go for the girls. Icy grabbed a soda and ran back to the dorm while darcy and stormy prefferd the tuna sandwiches. they unpacked there stuff and ate the remander of there 'dinner'. The intercom came on and the crackled voice of miss griffen warned " Lights out in 10 minutes girls" Icy finished her soda and thought about how she was sopposed to sleep now, the light went of and Icy tripped on Stormys books on the way to her bed. "Stormy..." Icy whisperd to her self, she loved her...
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Hi Girls!

This spell which can calm the stress of the exams has really helped us! But remember, this spell and ritual will only work for calming your stress, to make you feel relaxed and to make you confident about the exams.
You need to find a quiet relaxed spot somewhere which reminds you of the room where you are going to have your exams in, like the clicking of the clock or the furniture which looks similar to the examination room.
You’ll need:

-Coloured candles. These colours on the candles would be good: Orange, Yellow, Green, Peach and Purple.

-Stones. These stones would be good: Carnelian,...
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Hi Girls! Most people have favourite dances, but have you ever wondered what your true dance was? Then take this quiz and find it out!

1) On a beach trip, you would like to…
A) Read a book or go for a walk
B) take a nice sunbath and get a massage if possible
C) Be in the water all the time

2) You would describe yourself as
A) Romantic, caring and easy-going
B) Fun and outgoing
C) Independent, wild

3) On your sweethearts birthday, you would gift him/her
A) Chocolate and flowers
B) A brand new swim suit
C) A cool t-shirt

4) You usually listen to music
A) While you are relaxing at home
B) Playing loud in the...
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Tecna: Soo.. how am I gonna regain back all my memories?
Stella: Easy... lets go SHOPPING!
*Everyone, except Tecna and Stella, glares at her*
Stella: SHOPPING for ummm... ummm..
*Stell sees Tecna's cellphone*
Stella: SHOPPING for new gadgets!
Musa: Thats a great idea ! it could work!
Stella: Phew..
Layla: But its obvious you were trying to say 'Shopping for new clothes', Stella
Stella: Im sorry dear.. did you say something?!?
*everyone laughs*
Flora: Umm, lets go?
Bloom: Yup, magix is waiting for us !
Tecna: Uhhh..
Musa: Its a figure of speech Tecna.;
Tecna: Ohh.. haha...
Layla: Here !...
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