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Season 7 :Fairy Animals
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season 7
fairy animals
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This The Winx Club photo might contain sign, poster, text, and chalkboard.

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Why did they have to re make the theme song i went on netflix to re watch winx club and they have changed the winx club theme song to something different from the original :( its ruined here are the lyrics to the original do yall agree that this theme song rock more than the new oneClose your eyes,
And open your heart,
Believ in in yourself,
That's how it starts!

Dreams will come true,
Just wait and see,
Because the Magic's in you,
And the Magic's in me!

We are the Winx,
We are the Winx,
Come join the club!
We are the Winx,
We are the Winx,
We are the Winx!
Come join the club!
We are the Winx!

Magical flowers,...
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This the Winx's Believix transformation, I don't own this I put it on for you guys And I'm not new here, my original username was Horsegirl202 until I was logged out.
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season 4
nick dub
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