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It had been a week since their funeral. Everyone else finished off senior year. Everyone listened when senior superlatives were given out. “Nicest”, “Prettiest Eyes”, “Class Couple”, “Most Likely to be Remember” where Flora’s everyone remember back to the first day of Senior Year when they put in nominations, and voted on them the week before she died. Everyone loved her and wish they got to see her in her prom dress, or walk across the stage at graduation, yet no one did. It’s because she was gone. She was the most innocent of the group because she was only a puppet in...
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I did one of these around Thanksgiving, but new people have come along or old ones returned so here is my Christmas one to you all lovely Winxies.

Dania (MissAngelPaws): I'm glad she's back and she was my first fan almost one year ago. So that really meant a lot to me when I was a newbie, and she is just so kind, sweet, and caring.

Farhah (101musastella): this girl is absolutely amazing. I remember when I first met her she commented things like continue plz this is really good on my first fan fiction. I can say I might have not known her as well when I first started, but she is defiantly...
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Hello everyone, I am back with second part of the article “How to make icon”. If you haven’t read first part and want to read it it’s <a href=”link> here </a>

So, today I’ll explain three things. That are “Uses of brush and “How to use Color Balance”. All the two are related with coloring effect and glittering of icon. Which plays an important role.

Uses of brushes : First of all you need to download different types of brushes, usually pattern brushes (like floral brushes and background design brushes) are less need in making icons so refuse to download...
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Bloom was grabbed from behind at the waist. She tried to break free but the grip was too tight she didn't know what to do. But she knew she had to keep Flora safe.
"FLORA, FLORA!!" Bloom yelled. Flora rose her head and look at Bloom in trouble.
Flora didn't argue she took off not knowing where to go. The darkness of the night made it hard to see which eventually made the situation worse.
She accidentally flew into a net and then was pulled down to the ground. A dark figure appeared and...
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So I noticed a request (on tumblr) for an Icy/Elsa fic. I’ve been meaning to type one for a while, so I decided to take it up.

After Anna’s run in with Hans, Elsa had lost all hop in love at first sight, she honestly didn’t believe in that crap to begin with. Anna insisted that was because she just never found ‘the right man’.

And she was right, Elsa never found the right man…

But staring this woman in the face set her frigid veins ablaze and her brain fuzzy. She didn’t even recall seeing this woman in her kingdom. And she kept track of everyone who came and went. No, this woman...
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Helia is crying wanted to know why Flora did this to him

Helia. why would my girlfriend do this tooo me but i cant hurt her shes my gf

so Helia finds Flora

Helia . hi Flora

Flora . leave me alone i dont need you here

Helia . Flora calm down i want to help

Flora . i dont need help bye

Helia . its just no use at all

Bloom . guys we got to help her

Stella . help who

Bloom . Flora but im scared

Stella . dont worry ill be on your side every minute

Bloom . thank you Stella

Flora . Icy thers this guy Helia and hes annoying me

Icy . dont worry Flora ill go freeze him

Darcy . ill blind him with darkness

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First off I hope you all will enjoy it and I am so sorry I have taken so long to write the first chapter; but school and the new dance/competition season started 3 weeks ago and its all been chaotic. I will try to post new articles and chapters as much as I can long as I get my school work done first. Also the reason it has taken so long is I have rewritten this chapter so many times; and I would love feedback in the comments please.
---Ms. Faragonda’s p.o.v
When I went into my office this morning there was a big white envelope was lying on...
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posted by Princess-Flora
----------------------------------------Tecna’s p.o.v-------------------------------------------
So March was quite exciting since it started off with Flora and Savannah having their 18th birthdays, which meant they were now officially adults like the rest of us were already since our birthdays were before theirs. When the two blew out the candles it was a moment in the darkness that we all realized how we all are leaving our childhood days behind as we step into the adult world from the moment we get that little slip of paper in our cap and gowns that reads diploma. We all cried in the darkness...
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"Front back, front back!" Stormy was whispering loudly to herself while trying to walk 'fashionable' as Stella called it. "Oh shut up you stupid Witch! You are of no use, no use!" Said Icy as she rolled her eyes. Darcy followed Icy and Stromy didn't pay attention at all. She must had been staring at the icy cold pavement as her feet walked along "click clunk!" Which bothered the other witches a lot. Darcy shivered. "Control your powers, Icy!" She said sharply. "Why should-" she cut herself off and stared at the girl sitting on a chair at a table at the Keg. There was a small umbrella over her...
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