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This The Winx Club wallpaper might contain anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon.

Hi everyone I am here with another article. Usually I write less articles and whenever I write it’s a fanfic or about this spot. And this time it’s about you guys and ‘bout the spot of course. Now we will enter in 2014 after some days. And it’ll happen 2 years 3 months to me being here in this spot. I really will never feel old, I mean I will never behave like an oldie fan of this spot you see. Honestly saying I don’t want to behave like I am fanatic because it brings ego and usually most of fanatics of any particular spot behaves like they are greatest person of the particular spot...
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hi guyes not writen a story in a while so i thought i would wright a neew one now based on halloween as that is comeing round the corner as is my birthday which is the 26 of october gee im so excited anyway let get to the story i hope you enjoy plz comment on what you think
it was a warm morning at alfeya as a nature fairy was sleeping in her walm cosey bed it was the 30 of october the day before halloween and her the winx and specialist were going out trick or treating so today they were all hiting magics to bye there halloween...
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To all my beloved fans and supporters!!!!

The Specialists went to Saladin's office too.
???: *Groan*
Riven: Have you heard that sound too?
Nabu: Yes. (Louder) Let yourself see, who you are!
They saw someone creep out of the shadows. It was...

Sky: M. Saladin! What happened to you?
Saladin: I was in my office. Suddenly, there came twenty or thirty soldiers in! And a mysterious person whose face I couldn't see. Then, he spoke a spell and I fell asleep. When I woke up, I saw them jumping out of the window with Helia! I tried to stop...
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--------------------------------Someone’s p.o.v------------------------
I still had my eyes closed but I heard this annoying beeping sound and there was some pain just above my abdomen. So as I heard a door open. I opened my eyelids to see who it was but it was a doctor. He asked me how I was feeling and I said a little confused as to where I am and why above my abdomen hurts; as he explains the whole thing I was in shock because I barely recalled all this happening. He says it’s perfectly normal since they had to really rush to save; but couldn’t save my dress I said I can easily replace...
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Credit To AlexesX3. Winx Club Arcanix Transformation with Mythix Song.
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This fic is kind of a sequel to Numb. You don’t have to read Numb to understand the story, however the backstory as to how the kid was born and such is in that fic. Nah, this one is more of a fluffy, silly Icy’s stellar parenting fic that follows the same characters from Numb.

The child was so much like her that it was annoying.

Sure the girl looked more like her father, she definitely had his eyes and his nose. But her snark and sarcasm could only have come from one place.

Yup, that child clearly inherited Icy’s trademark sass.

And this particular trait always seemed to surface when the...
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posted by LoveFlora
Hello again. This is little one-shot which i wrote. Sorry about grammar. Italics in this story are kind of narrator's speaking or something... This one-shot is my version about graduation clip from Winx Club and the secret of the lost kingdom. Hope you enjoy.

Bloom's Speech [*One-Shot*]

It was a sunny summer day. The sun was shining, weather was warm, and the birds were singing. All of Alfea was decorated, because today six students of Alfea would graduate, and they would never come back...

*After the ceremony, Bloom POV*

We were celebrating our graduation in our apartment. Everyone had a great...
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Video by: CristalEllie / Song: Nightwish
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We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Bloom’s diary’s page 90 on date October 10, 2013

Dear Diary,
I’m feeling okay after having some good time today and I am hoping of a better tomorrow. I remember the dreams I have dreamt but now everything is over and I have lost my little hope after what I have seen today. I think it was not in my hands or in Sky’s. So I have stopped wishing those wishes which can’t be true and I have decided not to do what I don’t like. I had changed myself in past few years and tried to do what he liked but now I have decided to be who I am and to do...
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posted by florajames
Tecna: it cant be that we are really facing our end
Stella: Layla fainted the guys disappeared, I want my Brandon and I don’t even have curled hair, I should had stayed at home!
Flora: perhaps Stella is right though you don’t believe it
Tecna: then why do we do all this? For a girl whose being forced to become a witch
Flora: im sorry I refuse to understand you
Bloom: girls if miss faragonda gives us a mission it different for a reason, we must support that, and then we are fairies and princesses, it not like us to discouraged, always remember we are the Winx! Aren't we Musa?
Musa: your words...
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(this is the last time i'm writing that reminder :)

"WHAT!!" Helia yelled as Riven told him what had happened.
"We just got her back!" He continued.
"Dude we don't have time for yelling let's go tell Saladin we have to-" Brandon started to say but was interrupted by Helia.
"FORGET THAT MAN! We need to get our stuff and go I'll call Saladin when we get to Alfea now come on!" Helia yelled while getting his back-pack and running out the door followed by the others. They got on their leva bikes and left.

When they got to Alfea and ran into the girl's room.
The girls...
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posted by nugget14
Layla: Whoa, is that Timmy?
Flora: I think it is.
Tecna was in shock and not to mention heartbroken. She starts to get a tear in her eye.
Musa: Oh Tecna.
Musa moves over to her and gives her a small hug.
Brandon: There’s got to be a reason for this.
Musa: Well there’s only one solution.
Sky: And whats that?
Musa: The direct approach.
Musa gets up and makes her way over to Timmy. As she makes her way over there, she faintly hears Timmy say:
Timmy: I love you. See you tomorrow.
Then the girl walks off. Musa moves over to Timmy and screams in his face:
Timmy: What, what do you mean?
Musa: That girl! Who is she? Why did you just say I love you to her.
Suddenly Musa starts to get tears in her eyes.
Musa: How could you hurt Tecna like that?
Musa, than walks off, wiping away her tears.
Tecna: Come on guys, I think it’s best if we go back to Alfea.
Fairy adventures part eight!

I said I will the next part soon, but I couldn't coz I'm having exams and I had to study. Anyway, here's the 8th part of my fanfiction fairy adventures, enjoy and plz comment!

I wonder why fiona is taking soo long, says Marine.
Maybe....she might have -says Fayne, but she is interrupted by a knock on the door. Well, it wasn't a knock actually, it sounded like someone was banging on the door. Someone very eager to get in.
I'll open it, says Celestine.
BANG!!!! BANG!!!!!
Okay, okay, says celestine. Stop it already!! She opens the door and finds girl, she had twigs and leaves...
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yes this is my take on flora, i even got to speak to the offical nick flora VA due to how spot on i was so i thought id show u guys my voice for flora
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