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The Scene

The winx had transformed into their Sirenix while Brandon and Sky took Calypso to the Alfea infirmary since she had passed out. They were staring each other down, waiting for something to happen, waiting for someone to make first move, waiting. Bloom couldn't stand the silence anymore and finally broke it.

"Who are you?!" Bloom asked.
Lydia did nothing but put a mere smile on her face and turned.
"Someone you don't wanna shit around with." The woman said while she turned her head so Bloom could see half of her face that was smirking.
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---------Krystal’s p.o.v
Everything was dusty, bricks and parts of the ceiling were now on the floor and there was a gargantuan whole in the wall of the throne room. Panic filled the air, yet everything was quiet because of the scare we all just received. Then all of a sudden a voice spoke, but it wasn’t anyone’s I knew so I listen. The voice said the realms may be together again, but I’m a new threat and my goal is to get rid of all guardian fairies. I was planning on eliminating them one by one, but it turns out if you only kill one at a time that guardian will come back to life in...
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Musa, Flora and Lily walked outside to the fountain and sat down. Musa pulled out her phone and started dialing Timmy.

~" Timmy this is Musa"
-"Oh hi Musa how are you?"
~"Good. I'm afraid I have some bad news, about Tecna."
-"What's wrong with her?"
~"Well to make the story short she got pushed by a witch, hit her head and got amnesia."
-"Oh no, Is she okay? Is she up?"
~"Yea she's up and well She's okay but she's on edge. Flora tried to calm her down but it didn't go so well."
-"Oh boy. Is it okay to visit her?"
~" The nurse said no more visits for today. But you can come see...
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posted by florasedge31
The winx took Tecna back to Alfea and took her to the infirmary. Nurse ophelia told them she would check her out while they wait in the waiting room. About after 30 minutes of waiting. The nurse came back out with a face that spoke for itself.
"I have good news and bad news." She said.
"The good news is she's up and has no serious injuries. The bad news, She hit her head hard enough to get amnesia." Ophelia said.
"Oh no." The winx said while looking at each other.
Musa stood up.
"Can we see her?" She asked.
"I guess you can see her but only two at a time." Ophelia said.
"Okay, thank you." Musa said....
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posted by yasmin124
5th Icy i love her she rules she so pretty she funny and makes me laugh along with Stella she and Stella and Icys sister are the most funniest in the show shes very brave and strong never gives up and is always trying to destory the winx now matter how strong the winx are shes one of the best villans go trix you rule Icy your way better then those villans like trintanis who whine and fuss all the time unlike you Icy you get your but kicked by the winx but you dont whine and fuss

4th krystal a lot of people hate her because she flora hurt well i love flora but i love krystal shes sooooo pretty...
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You all are amazing friends :) !
You all are amazing friends :) !
I really wanted to write this long ago, but this time I have a reason why. I atcually didn't know what to write about, but now I do. I want to say thank you to all my amazing friends on Fanpop. I've met a lot of trolls here, but you guys never left my side. The Winx spot has become my favorite spot and the spot that I actually am the most active all because of the amount of friends here. Here's a big thank you to each and everyone of you.

lovebaltor (Aurie): You may already know this but I'll still say it. Since you're the Fanatic of this spot, many people look up to you, including me. You've...
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