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i know i already did my top 5 but i need to do my top 10 because i forget Aisha and Bloom and Tecna

10 Diaspro even though some people dislike her she is really pretty i love her fairy outfit and her outfit in season 3 for skys party its was so pretty and i love her power gemstones i love gemstones

9 Aurora shes sooo pretty i love her outfit and her wings shes really pretty and i love her power ice i seem to love snow/ice its sooo pretty i remember on a cold day it was so cold that it snowed and it was soooo pretty

8 Tecna i love her pink hair and she is unique because she is the only winx...
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posted by Princess-Flora
After a few weeks of no Winx Club, I was ecstatic for it being on today. But within the first few minutes my heart broke for Flora when she cried and said "I think Helia wants to be with Krystal", her and Helia had the sweetest relationship on the show and now both are starting to think it might be over for what has happened; but I love Krystal for admitting that she might have messed things up. But Krystal in my eyes didn't, Helia did he cheered for Krystal in the tournament and not for his own girlfriend, dude it's your fault if your relationship is over. Also the show says Flora's best friend...
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