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Winx in Transformation: Enchantix (Musa)
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Taken from a prompt by frostbite883 on tumblr; An Icy/Bloom fic in which Bloom is being haunted by a ghost and doesn't know why until...

Before I start with the actual story, the A/U comes from the fact that both Icy and Bloom will be human. They live on Earth. Bloom is a college student—living off on her own in an apartment and Icy has been out ‘in the real world’ for some time, has a job, etc.

The darkness loves you.

It needs you.

You need it.

It’s cold in here.

The whisper was soft and sweet. It lingered on the fringes of her dream. Still present as Bloom returned from a deep sleep....
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10 Aishas Harmonix

you could say this is probley one Aisha best tranformations its really pretty the crown she has on her haid is very sea like i love it its gorgous shell her outfit is stunning she really is pretty in this tranformation i heart it its wonderful though i dont like the hair that much

rating 9/10

9 Flora bunny outfit
very sweet outfit very adorable and cute totally my type of dress i would were to a custey ball or easter its totally stylin i love it its a very cutesty girly sweet pretty kind of style its soooooo adoable the image mak me want hug Flora soooo tight its very nice outfit...
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At first Icy couldn’t quite figure out why Darcy liked Riven so much. Yeah, he had a bad attitude and was generally pretty kick ass. But she could pick out a bunch of men like that. Valtor, Darkar, Darko…geez, what’s with all the ‘dark’ names? Really it didn’t serve them any real purpose. To say the least Riven wasn’t anything special.
But wasn’t that far from the truth.
The realization came weeks later. That perhaps he was actually worth keeping around.
Between his constant belittling of the Winx—Bloom mostly—and without magic and his willingness to go along with a good...
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At long last it was in her hands.

The ring of Solaria. She curled her fingers around the precious metal. It was hot to the touch, if she hadn't worked so hard to get it, Icy would've tossed it right into the air vent. Heat wasn't Icy's favorite thing in the world to say the least. But what was she expecting from the ring of Solaria--a mini fridge?

No matter, the ring would soon pave the way to total world domination. She Darcy and Stormy would be on their way to victory as soon as the two of them got out of class and joined her in the dorm.

As she waited she began to ponder upon the whole thing....
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