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Meancardei posted on Jun 12, 2015 at 10:49AM
Here is Mine:
Group Name:Bestix Club
Group Missions:To save the Universe
Member Species:Fairies
Leader Name:Bloodwyn
Member Name:Bloodwyn,Shimmer,Blossom,Violet,Fiola­,Gr­aci­a
Group Transformations(if had):Change Sometimes
Group/Member Friends:Bonded Pixies,Selkies
Group Enemies:The Trix, and Claverilna
Member Powers:Bloodwyn(Dragon)Shimmer(Light),Blos­som­(Se­aso­n),­Vio­let­(Ti­me)­,
Member Hair:Bloodwyn(Orange medium hair),Shimmer(Blonde long hair),
Blossom(Brown long hair),Violet(Violet short hair),
Fiola(Black medium hair),Gracia(Gold Curly long hair)
Group age limits:Under 35
Group School/Locations(if had):Alfea
Group Adventure Place:Earth,Magix,another planet
Group Affiliates:Good/Normal

If you want use a base in Winx-base on deviantart
Here is Mine:
Group Name:Bestix Club
Group Missions:To save the Universe
Member Species:Fairies
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over a year ago StampyCatLOL said…
Here is mine:

Group Name: The Matrix Team
Group Missions: To Save The Universe
Member Species: Good Fairies
Leader Name: Lily
Member Names: Lily, Amy, Kristy, Hayley, Riley, and Polly.
Group Transformations: Currently Light Charmix, learning to aqquire Light Enchantix.
Group Member Friends: Bonded Selkies, Pixies, Pets, the Winx Club, Specialists, and other good guys.
Group Enemies: The Winx Club's enemies.
Member Powers: Lily (Light Electricity) Amy (Light Water) Kristy (Light Flowers) Hayley (Light Sound Waves) Riley (Light Light) Polly (Light Animals) The term "light" means "afflicted with good."
Group Ages: All of them are 12 years old.
Group School: Alfea School For Fairies.
Group Adventure Place: Earth.
Group Afflicates: Good.

I have a picture of Lily on Isabellagirl033's "create a winx club character."
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over a year ago Floraisthebest said…
What program is this how do o do it