The Winx Club WinX Club 30-Day Challenge

Eula2003 posted on Jan 03, 2015 at 08:31AM

You can begin at anytime you want; but once you have, no skipping day! You'll still have to follow the number if you fail to catch up with everyone else.

If you have a number of favorite characters or episodes and the like to answer one question, pick the one you like best. If you like them all equally, pick at random! :D

Day 1: Your favorite female character
Day 2: Your favorite male character
Day 3: Your favorite winx (or one you like best)
Day 4: Your least favorite winx
Day 5: Your least favorite female character
Day 6: Your least favorite male character
Day 7: Your favorite Season 1 episode
Day 8: Your favorite Season 2 episode
Day 9: Your favorite Season 3 episode
Day 10: Your favorite Season 4 episode
Day 11: Your favorite Season 5 episode
Day 12: Your favorite Season 6 episode
Day 13: Your favorite villain
Day 14: Your least favorite villain
Day 15: Your favorite transformation
Day 16: An episode that makes you seen a best fight
Day 17: A moment in the show you find most romantic
Day 18: Your favorite pairing/ship
Day 19: A minor character you want to see more of
Day 20: Your favorite best friends
Day 21: Your favorite season at WinX Club
Day 22: Your favorite song from the show
Day 23: Least your favorite songs
Day 24: A character you hate
Day 25: Characters you want to spend a day/hang out with
Day 26: Your favorite contributor at the club
Day 27: Define your favorite character
Day 28: A character you want to explore
Day 29: A character you want to cosplay
Day 30: Your expectations for Season 7 (be as specific as possible)

You can put a picture too!

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over a year ago zanhar1 said…
Day 1:
Day 1:
over a year ago Winxrainbow1998 said…
Day 1:
Favorite female character:
Day 1:
Favorite female character:
over a year ago winxmagicalix said…
Day 1:
I like Daphne
But i'm not having the photos "_"