The Winx Club Riddle about the Winx

MusaFromMelody posted on Dec 24, 2014 at 12:05PM
Bloom is the Fire,
Stella's got the Light,
Tecna's the Aura,
The Flower is Flora,
Musa is the Voice,
Aisha is the Tide,
Winx Girl got it right!

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over a year ago Avater13 said…
This is Part of The Song "The Ways of Sirenix'. Bloom has the Dragon Flame. Stella is the Fairy of The Shining Sun. Tecna is the fairy of technology with so many shapes. Flora loves nature which has flowers. Musa loves music which music has a voice. Aisha is fairy of the waves like tides. The Winx Fans got them all correct of their power.