The Winx Club Nominations for FFOTM June CLOSED

Princess-Flora posted on Jun 13, 2014 at 02:27AM
1. You can nominate up to three fan fictions
2. Story must have a chapter posted this month
3. One Shot would have to be posted this month

Betrayal by Princess-Flora
Don't You Know Nos Iam Mortui by Zanhar1
Fullmetal Wings by winxclubgirl202
Precious Metals by Zanhar1
Techno Strike by Lovebaltor

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over a year ago nmdis said…
Mama in Shadow by Zannie
April 4 1993 by Meeka
Staying Inside by Princess-Flora

btw I got time to write? I didn't wrote anything this month.
Princess-Flora commented…
thanks over a year ago
nmdis commented…
np over a year ago
zanhar1 commented…
Thank you. ^_^ over a year ago
over a year ago Princess-Flora said…
Mama in Shadow by Zanhar1
To Whom I Share Blood With by XxLalasaysxX
The Greatest Danger by XxLalasaysxX
zanhar1 commented…
Why thank you for the nomination. :P over a year ago
over a year ago zanhar1 said…
Meeka's April 4th 1993
Lovebaltor's I'd Give My Heart, I'd Give My Soul
lovebaltor commented…
Thanks Zannie :) over a year ago
over a year ago rorowinx said…
Mama in Shadow by Zanhar1
The Greatest Danger by XxLalasaysxX
April 4 1993 by XxLalasaysxX
zanhar1 commented…
Thank you very much. over a year ago
over a year ago Princess-Flora said…