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FrozenQueen posted on Mar 26, 2014 at 05:56AM
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So, it's a pretty straightfoward game. Here's an example.

A: Ready!
B: ^You're a great artist.
C: ^You're one of the nicest people I know
A: ^I love the way how you defend Bloom
D: ^You say the funniest jokes all the time.

Note that A started the game and said ready, but when a new person came they didn't say ready. So when the third person came, they just continued the game. It doesn't have to be one sentence. Just make sure it's positive. So one person says ready, and then the game starts.


1. First person must say ready or anything. There just has to be a person to start the game.
2. The next person starts the game by giving a compliment.
3. Always be positive. Don't say anything rude/mean/inappropriate, etc...
4. Have fun!
(Credit: [url=/clubs/disney-princess]Disney Princess Spot[/url])

So, it's a pretty straightfoward

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