Brenda took a bite our her pizza. She and her were talking and sitting at a nearby café. "So, Ameena, what is you most powerful spell?" Tenissa asked Ameena. Ameena circled the lid on her soda
She thought for a minute. "Hmmm... I'd say my Pouring Rain." As soon as she said it, a small storm cloud came on top of Shannon and poured rain all over her. The Dazzlix Club laughed while Shannon pouted. "Hardy har har. Very funny. You guys are even worse then my brother, Harin." She said, using a towel to dry up. Suddenly, a thirteen year-old looking girl ran by with a frightened look. Four nasty-looking witches were chasing her. One stepped on Felicity's foot and yelled, "Watch it, fairy!" The girl ran into an alley and the witches followed. Mandy growled. "Guys, we have to help her! Those witches look like the pulverizing type!" She said. Felicity nodded. "We can't just leave her there!" She cried. Brenda stood firmly. "Then what are we waiting for? Let's go!" The rest nodded and ran to the alley. There, they saw the girl whimpering and the witches surrounded her. "I'm sorry! I didn't know! P-Please don't hurt me!" She cried. The witches cackled. One with green hair smirked evilly. "Don't worry. It'll all be over very soon!" She cackled. Tenissa gasped. "Oh no! I think I know what she means by 'It'll all be over soon!'" Ameena growled and came up behind them. "Hey, hags! Leave her alone!" The withces turned to her. The rest of the Dazzlix Club cams put and stood firmly. A dark blue haired witch laughed. "And what are you going to do about it?" She asked with a evil smile. "This! Magic Winx!" The girls shouted. Each transformed into beautiful fairies. Brenda's outfit was a strapless blue sparkling dress with fuzzy lacing (kinda like Santa Clause) on the hem, top, and a belt that was fuzzy. She had on sparkling fingerless gloves that's top reached below her shoulders (Like Flora's but with fuzzy lacing). She had on sparkling white mini boots and a blue sparkling hood on hem head with fuzzy lacing. Her back hair was inside it, but big chunks of hair were our. She had on a hemp with a crystal, and her wings were diamond shaped and wide (one on the top and one on the bottom). Shannon's was a sparkling dark purple trapless top attachhed to a one piece with long pants leg on the left leg and one pants leg that reached at her thighs. She had on a black sash on her waist and a black mini boot on her left leg and a black go go boot below her knee on the right. Her hair was still styled in a ponytail, but now an eclipse-looking barette was in her hair. Her wings were two drives with a huge black center that made it look like an actual eclipse. She had long black gloves and a hemp. Felicity's fairy outfit was a sparkling dark green mini nightgown-like dress with long dark green sleeves showing her shoulders. The top of the dress was decorated with brown pearls and a lime green lighting in the middle. The skirt's beginning was under her chest and reach above her knees. Her hair was styled with a low ponytail with a brown pearl tiara. She had her brown pearls on her neck and wore dark brown gogo boots. She had two wings (similar to Stella's) on her back that had a little brown lighting to it. Mandy's fairy outfit was a sparkling plain pink t-shirt under a purple crop-top. She wore a pencil. sparkling purple mini skirt above her thugs and a red sash. She had on red tights and purple flats. She had a red bravely on her right wrist and on her head were dark purple head band with her beats. Her hair stayed straight down and she had wide and big (Tinkerbell from Disney-like) wings. Tenissa was now wearing red cat diamond glasses and a sparkling strapless electric yellow top on. There were electric blue square digits on them. The square digits served like a sash on her waist above a pencil mini skirt the same color as her top. She had on red sneaker boots that were sparkling and two glowing and electric blue wings (a square on top and a square that's left corner was touching the tip of the first squares right bottom tip). On her arms, two red Stella-like bracelts were below her elbows and a small glowing electric blue headband with a yellow lightning on it. Finally, Ameena's was a strapless silver top that was above her wait. It had red lining and was sparkling. She had red short shorts with silver liings in them and two black mini boots. The red lining on the top had clear diamonds while the silver lining had red diamonds. Her hair stayed the same, but had on a silver crown (similar to Bloom's) with diamonds. She had on a dimond hemp and two of silver bands on her (simialr to Stella's). Her wings were simialr to Flora's but were a little pink. The witches growled. "Listen, you wannabe-fairies! This is between us and Tillie!" The green haired witch said, pointing to the thirteen year-old who appeared to be named Tillie. Tillie covered her eyes with her hands. Brenda frowned. "What did she do to you? Insult you?" She asked. The witches glanced at each other. "Well, let's just say that this lesson will teach her not to mess with witches!" One of the witches cackled. Brenda floated a little into the air. "Winter Crystal!" She shouted, and a ball of white light shot from her hand. The witches jumped but the dark blue-haired one got hit and fell. The witches turned to her and growled. They shot dark green blasts from their hands. Shannon jumoed in front of the Dazzlix. "Solar Shield!" A dark ahield of purple surrounded them and reflected the witches spells back to them. "Ahhh!" They shouted. The witches fell to the ground and weakly grunted. Felicity flew over to Tillie. "Hurry! Before they see us!" Tillie nodded,and grabbed Felicity's hand. The hovered over the battle and Felicity dropped Tillie off outside the alley. Tillie smiled. "Thanks. I don't know what would have happened if you guys didn't get here," She said. Felicity smiled back, "Your welcome. Hey, what did you do to make them made" she asked. Tillie sighed. "Well, they pretened to be my friends. But really, they weren't, and stole my diary. They read it to all the witches of Cloud Tower. I was so embarassed! So when I took it back and stopped hanging out with them, they had no access to my diary. Because they couldn't embarrass me anymore without it, they had no use of me. They bullied me and now just tried to finish me off as revenge AND to their own satisfaction. Without my diary to ridicule me, their only fun was to bully me. But you helped me! Thank you!" She said, and ran off. Felicity stood there in shock. They almost finished off that poor girl all because they couldn't embarrass her!? She always thought that the Witches of Cloud Tower were mean, but now, she could see perfectly see that they were just cruel. "Rain Shower!" "Booming Thunder!" "Electric Storm!" Felicity snaped out of her shock and returned to,the battle. Felicity shot a ball of green light. "Earthquake!" She yelled, and threw it at the ground. The nearly defeated witches laughed. "You missed!" They laughed. Felicity smirked. "I never miss," she said, worrying the witches. The ground shook and jagged rocks surrounded the witches like a cage. They screamed and climved tge rocks. The scurried away like cowards and ran screaming. The Dazzlix Club cheered and floated back down to the earth. Brenda smiled. "Girls, we just defeated our first bad guys! How,great is that?!" All the girls except Felicity cheered. Shannon looked at Felicity. "Fel, what's wrong?" She asked. Felicty sighed. "Well, sure we defeated witches, but the Winx have defeated witches, monsters, fairy hunters, Lord Darkar, a mutant merman that tied to pollute the ocean, and even a dark wizard that destroyed an entire kingdom! And what do we do? Just save a girl from some mad witches. That's not going to make people like us! It's just some fairies who battled witches," she said, sadly. The Dazzlix Club all looked at each other sadly, and slowly transformed back into their own outfits. Tenissa looked up. "She's right. We got to do something for them to notice us!" She said, planting her fist into her palm. Mandy looked down. "But what can we do?! We're just new Minor Faires at Alfea! What could we do to get them to notice six fairies?" She said, as they walked out the alley. Brenda looked down and sighed. "I don't know," she said. The group sighed and walked into the café. Shannon walked up to the counter. "I'd like a triple vanilla and hazelnut coffee with whipzcream and caramel with lemon coated sprinkles, please." The bartender handed the drink in front Shannon raised a brow. "Huh. That was fast." When she put her hand on it, another hand did. Shannon looked to see who she despised most in the world: Stella. Stella looked at thr drink she was holding. "Oh! I'm so sorry, but I think this is my drink," she said, nervously. Shannon frowned. "Really? Then what flavor is it?" She asked. "A tripple vanilla and hazelnut coffee,” Stella said quickly. Shannon blinked then scoffed. “Well, it doesn’t matter now. I had it first, so YOU can wait for mine. Then we’ll be even,” She said, not letting go. Stella grabbed it and pulled it back. “Give it back!” She said. Shannon stood her ground. “No!” Then, the coffee flew into the air and covered both of them. “Ah! My ensemblé!” Shannon cried, looking at your outfit. Stella gasped. “Oh no! I’m so sorry! I-I wasn’t thinking-“ “MY FLOOR!!! I just spent an hour mopping it! Get out! Both of you!” The bartender yelled, pointing the girls to the exit. As they walked out, Shannon glared at Stella and mouthed, ‘I’m watching you.’ Then, she frowned and kept on glaring. “You are going DOWN.” She said, planting a baller fist into her palm. She sashayed back to her group, her head held high. Stella growled and went back to her group. As Shannon returned to her group, they were shocked to see her clothes. Mandy looked at her up and down. “Woah! What happened to you?” She asked. Shannon growled. “Well...” (To be continued...)