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posted by pinkbloom
This is a fan fiction , but The episodes she was only seen was season 2 episode 13 . Check it out.

PInkbloom was born to Marion & oritel the Ruling family of Domino. She was born after the blessings of The rainbow Cleayra . While the rainbow kingdom was attacked by the ancestral witches , Rainbow kingdom was connected to entire magix and if it was conquered by anyone then the whole Magix was meant to serve the ruler . Marion & Oritel where the ones to save the kingdom . As a result Queen Cleayra blessed them and said they would have a daughter who would be a rainbow fairy like her with powers of the rainbow , but would lack one, but she could get it if that powerr is bonded to her by affection , then she would be a rainbow queen. Marion and oritel already had a daughter Daphne nymph of Domino. Soon they got her daughter Pinkbloom as Queen Clearya had said. Pinkbloom got the dragonflame passed to her. Dragonflame was the strongest magic in the whole universe which Ancestral witches wanted to get them from before . But with the dual force they could nt. PInkbloom possed power of dragonflame , light of the above , song of all , technology , natureheart.Later she got the power of water by bonding with vervor. After her birth the ancestral witches attacked once . After 3 years Seeing threat to the dragonflame within 3/4 of the dragonflame was passed to the newborn bloom . Taking advantage of bloom's young age the witches attacted again destroying Domino , but daphne sacrificed herself and saved both bloom and pinkbloom, but bloom and pinkbloom both grew up differently at diffrent places , pink first came to an island later grew up in androx where Aisha became her friend. While to make Bloom daphne sent her to arth where she was adopted by mike and venessa.
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New years eve, a time for people to over indulged in particular beverages, kiss after a silly countdown, and make promises to themselves they know damn well they won't keep. But Icy knew better, resolutions are for losers. For people who have something to change about their sorry selves, and Icy for one is perfect. She would just sit there and watch the people of Magix senselessly blow off fireworks and toss confetti that would only dirty the town's streets for the next month making them an unbearable spew of rainbow glitter. To her it looked like the faeries of Magix threw up all over the...
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This is gonna be AU, a what would have happened if the Trix won type thing

"Here I am in all my majesty and there is nothing you won't get to see come along and I'll give you my world in one-hundred-forty characters."

Icy stood before her people...they were hers she smiled wickedly to herself as they all bowed before her. It was a month after she and her sisters took the place over. They did some pretty serious redecorating--from the three schools right down to the very streets of Magix. Everything was many shades darker, and in disorganized splashes of blue, purple, and pink. Icy insisted on...
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After mrs.F teaches us, my head starts spinning. And my head only spins when somthing bad is going to happen. But i dare tell a soul. If i do, they will all run away like the last time we went out. I hit myself, but that only helps a little bit.
Alice: Hey, Anne are you okay there?
me:yah,of corse......
toatally telling a lie, of corse. Clairece just glances and i pull away my hai like nothing even happened. Somtimes they annoy me like that. They know that too. Anyways, we walked down the street of magix city when i collapse. All i hear is:
Alice:Oh no! Are you okay Anne?
Clairece:Call a docter,now!...
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posted by Winxclubgirl202
Your the one!!
Your the one!!
(Author's note- Sorry guys, I've been super busy within the month I never got time to post chapter one. I thank LoveBaltor for helping me)

Bloom and Winx got on stage, Aisha started to play and so did the others. Bloom sang "Woke up this morning I'm so lazy! I'm late again"
The sun is shining I feel great
I rush down the street, my friends are waiting for me"
One more adventure
It's going to be a tough day at school
There's so much to learn and we are giving all our best"
No time for foolin'
It may seem hard but it's my life." The girls kept going, none of them noticed that someone evil was watching. It was the Trix who were waiting for the right time to attack. After the show was done the girls got off the stage and Bloom ran straight for he boyfriend, Sky. He told her "you did great" Bloom smiled and replied "thanks Sky" That's when the Trix made their move, with someone else with them.
posted by florasedge31
Sorry i took a while to update, to keep it short i went out of town for 2 1/2 days to see family.
~Lily's POV~
The guards have dragged me to a room that reminds me of a beauty parlor. With all the smells, clothes, and hair accessories, and what not. A couple of ladies came in and pampered me. Washed and blow dried my hair, did my nails and made me put on a dress for the stupid wedding. I like the dress though. I hope Flora's friends help me. I see the door open and i'm immediately thinking my eyes are deceiving me. It's Flora and one of her other...
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posted by Alifya
The term “environment” covers all the elements of the natural world, from the earth, the oceans, the air and the climate to the plants and animals that live there. It also relates to where we live, how we live and the people that surround us. Many of our pollution problems are really problems of misplaced resources. For every item we recycle or reuse, that's one less piece of trash that can become a part of the marine debris cycle threatening people and wildlife. Everything we use in our daily lives is made from natural resources such as trees, petroleum, sand, water, soil, and metals,...
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Gardenia is on Earth, within the Solar System and outside the magical dimension of Magix.

It is the planet where Bloom grew up with her adoptive parents before coming to Alfea. There are fabulous landscapes on earth, each one different from the next. There are very high mountains, lush forests, but also dry, arid deserts. There are immense oceans where you can even play with dolphins, and thousands of different flowers with thousands of different scents!

It is difficult to define the quantity and the variety of animals and plants. Basically it is full of life, of different cultures and people who even speak different languages.
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Bloom: I Want My Tears Back Flora: Amaranthe Stella: Nemo Layla: Phantom of the Opera Musa: End of All Hope Roxy: Bye Bye Beautiful
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