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posted by zanhar1
She knew she couldn't go back, so she goes forward.

Forward with what she was about to do. She took a pair of scissors in her hand and began cutting away at her long, silvery locks. She felt like she was cutting apart her soul, cutting apart her identity. But that was the point, wasn't it?

To change.

To make a change.

When everyone has left you, you almost have to change.

And she fought it, fought it hard. There was nothing she wanted to change, nothing she thought needed to be changed. That's how Icy found herself completely and utterly alone, with not even a faint visage of the time she had been on top of the world.

There was a time that she thought that, even if everything else fell apart, she'd still have Darcy and Stormy. But when it came down to it, when things were at their roughest, they left her. But she couldn't blame them; how much abuse could she expect them to take? Any time they showed even the vaguest signs of the happiness that had grown so foreign to her, she would beat them down to her level. So she wouldn't have to wallow alone in her misery. Icy, on many occasions, had successfully made them feel like shit. But it hadn't mattered to her, she was in control. They did what she wanted, how she wanted. If they stepped out of line, things would only be worse for them. Even aside from that, they had their own dreams and she was holding them back—naturally this went hand in hand with her controlling nature. She'd berated them when they suggested leaving things where they lie and start over. She pushed for vengeance and the glory she knew deep down that she'd never get if she tread the same waters as always. So they parted ways with her…perhaps with each other too. In that year they had become three different people. Any semblance of a bond they had formed in Cloud Tower was gone, and Icy wondered if they only every came together out of necessity. The need to have at least one ride or die bitch to make it through four years—especially since they started out as the kind of girls who got kicked around and had their asses handed to them. Icy hoped against hoped that it had been something beyond that. But they'd left her in the end.

At first she vexed them, resented them, cursed their names as she had everyone else's. Now strangely, she hopes the best for them. She wondered how they were doing. Were they a duo now or had they truly split all together, having nothing in common—simply together because Icy had brought them so. Was she what had held them together? Did they still talk at all? Had Darcy opened the library of dark tomes and trinkets? The one she'd boasted that she'd own when they were freshmen. Had Stormy broken through in the world of magical sports? That was her goal at one point; to be a champion and brag about medals.

Icy put the scissors down and looked up. She stared at a face completely foreign to her. Her hair fell just barely under her ears. Without her make up her face looked softer. More approachable. There was a slight, natural shimmer to her skin, like a light dusting of frost. She had always aimed to cover it up after it became a point of mockery in Cloud Tower. The only make up she applied was the same lipstick she'd always worn. Absently she brought a hand to her cheek, as if to check that it is really her. She was getting herself into something, that was for sure.

She tore her gaze away from her reflection and looked down at her phone. Icy considered punching in Darcy's number. She changed her mind and moved her finger towards Stormy's. Stormy would be the easier choice; Darcy has a track record of grudge holding. With Stormy she could physically fight it out and they'd be at Magix's strip mall having a few drinks. She put the phone down all together. She'd have to do some growing of her own first; find a new goal. Find a new self, and maybe if fate allowed it their paths would cross again.
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posted by iwatchthestars
(MY flight got cancelled. thats why im posting now. And I removed the brother of Flora, its weird, so yeah, I removed him. So if anyone asks, why didnt you put the part of the brother? I removed him now. super sorry about that ! )

*Flora ran to her house*
Flora: Mielle ! (or Rose, but for now its Mielle) where are you sweetie?
Mielle: FLora!
Flora: Mielle,!
*both hugged each other*
Mielle: Dad's in his room.
Flora: Lets check him out.
*they went to his room*
Flora: Dad, are you ok? I heard that you were badly wounded.
Dad: Im ok honey, but you mom... you should look for her.
Flora: Oh yeah.. she go kidnapped....
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posted by iwatchthestars
(part 4 ! i wont post in a few days, because ill be gone a few days...hope you like it)

Flora: what is it you want to say??
Karel: remember the time when I met you in the mountains and the time we talk to each other.
Flora: Ofcourse I remember !
Karel: ever since then... I started to like you... I love you Flora
*flora was so shocked she cant even make eye contact on Karel*
Karel: So... will you go out with me?
*Flora couldnt think clearly... for some reason, she had a second thought.. because Karel was her first crush, even before Helia.*
Flora: I...
Blooom: I hope flora is alright..
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