Okay this is my first list article.

I like Icy. She dislikes Bloom. Icy is wonderful but I don't like her that much. She boss her sisters around, that makes me like her and how she hates Bloom. I dislike her when she falls in love with a new villain.

Brandon is NOT my favourite specialist, but he still is in my top characters category. He is always funny, and the most strongest specialist. I don't like him when he fights, he acts like he is a wimp.

I really like Diaspro, she hates Bloom, she's beautiful and has radiant skin like me, I don't like her in season 5, she wanted Sky again she's acting like a little baby. "Sky, Sky," and she doesn't help him get his memory back, she made him felt boring. Lol

Roxy is no fun anymore. I like her because she likes animals as much as I do, but I hate her when she acts like a baby not believing in fairies and doesn't want to be one, she is really childish!

My personality is most like Tecna. I like her when she becomes useful to the Winx, and dislikes her when she noticed the Winx treat her like a computer. She's too rational. Tecna is just like me, we both love technology!

Or Aisha. I like Layla because she's good at sports, but I can't beat her. I dislike her when Nabu "dies" she acts like a baby. But Nabu didn't. Go to winx.wikia.com/wiki/Season_5 because there is an episode titled Nabu Returns, the fifteen episode.

Bloom, I don't hate her anymore. I dislike her 20%. I like Bloom because of her bravery, and she never gives up hope about her birth parents. I dislike her because she is too full of herself.

Flora is in my top 3. She likes nature as much as I do. She's sweet and kind. I dislike her when the trees were cut, she was weak and she acts like she doesn't have powers. Her powers were drain, but don't act like she doesn't have the powers!

Musa. I like her because she is the fairy of music, we both like music, I don't dislike her one bit.

I love Stella. She's cool, she is the fairy of the sun and moon/shining sun and we both like the sun, I dislike her when she becomes a girly girl.

Please comment! We all have our opinions.