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After the assembly the fifteen contests and three head masters gathered in a restricted room of Alfea behind the auditorium. “These games are extremely dangerous.” Ms. Faragonda warned, looking a deathly stare that sent shivers down Julie’s spin. “These games are merely a form of entertainment to the Game Masters. You are merely pieces of a puzzle, while it would look bad for them if you got hurt,” Ms. Faragonda paused then continued after taking a deep breath to calm herself, “They don’t really care. This is why I ask you please be careful.” She said with a grieving look in her eye.

“In exactly three days the Games will officially begin. I have no idea what the first challenge is, but I do know this, there are three challenges, each one more dangerous then the first. Never under estimate and always remember who you can trust.” Griffin warned narrowing her eyes at the end.

“For the next three days, you are all excused from all classes to prepare for the first event.” Saladin said then hit his stick to the floor causing a large picture to appear. “This is the arena.” He continued and Charlotte studied the picture. It was large and there were bleachers made of stone. It was large enough to fit all three schools no doubt. The actually arena was covered in a large force field. It was gloomy looking and Charlotte got a bad feeling just from looking at it. “You all could use some sleep now, so you are all dismissed. The Specialist will be in the South wing, the Witches in the East, and the Fairies in their regular dorms.” Saladin said dismissing the fifteen dazed students.

Kristina, Charlotte, and Julie made their way to their dorm room where Kristina absent-mindedly unlocked the doors. When they walked in they were greeted by their friends. After much commotion they sat down on the couch and began to talk. “The head masters said that these Games were dangerous and that the Game Masters were well selfish and plain evil in a way.” Charlotte said dazed, summing up the night as best as she could. Glitter looked symptomatically at her friend. Charlotte looked confused and very worried but she was deep in thought.

“I, I . . .” Violet tired to say something that would comfort her friends but she seemed to be at a lost for words. What was there too say? Sorry? It was them or someone else. At least they were strong, Violet had a feeling that they could make it through. “I don’t know what’s running through your minds right now, but I know one thing, if anyone can win these games, it’s you guys. I know we’re only freshman, but after everything we’ve been through, I’m confident that you guys will pull through at the top and you’ll have us here cheering you on the entire time.” Violet said and Kristina looked her strait in the eye.

“You know what? You’re right; we’re in here, feeling sorry for ourselves. If we weren’t picked then someone else would have been, maybe someone who wasn’t as lucky as us and didn’t have any experience. Who knows? Maybe one of us will win it.” Kristina said standing up looking a little bit brighter than she had before. “And on that note, I’m going to go to bed; it’s going to be a long day tomorrow.” She said and headed off to her bedroom shutting the door behind her.

“Well, I guess I should to.” Julie said and headed off to the room she shared with Violet and Glitter. Jasmine stared after the two of them then shook her head sadly. She knew all about the Games. They were dangerous, deadly. Often enough contests got hurt, once a couple of years ago a contestant got killed. She didn’t bring this up however; there was no reason to go scaring Charlotte, who had yet to go to bed.

“Good night you guys, I still have to take a shower.” Charlotte said giving a small worried smile and hurried off to the bathroom and shut the door quietly and quickly behind her and Jasmine could swear she heard a quiet quick sob. She turned to her other friends they all had the same agonizing look in their eyes. Jasmine sighed looking towards the floor length window where, outside it was rain hard.

“Guys,” Jasmine started, “I didn’t want to say this in front of Charlotte, Kristina, or Julie, but I know about these Games. They’re extremely dangerous. People have gotten hurt and,” Jasmine said still staring out the window at the blackened sky, “people have even gotten killed.” She finished but didn’t turn back to her friends. She didn’t want to see the shock or worry or suffering in their eyes. Jasmine sighed, knowing there was nothing they could do.

“What hurts even more, is the fact that we have to sit back and watch as these Game Masters,” Lilly hissed, “make our friends lives a living hell.” Something was boiling up inside of her. Anger? But it was more than that. It was more intense more powerful. Lilly clamped her teeth together to keep from saying anything she would regret.

Glitter let out a long breath before standing up and stretching. “We have classes tomorrow, we better get to sleep.” She stated looking wearily at her three friends.

Three Days Later

Kristina, Charlotte, Julie, Miranda, and Kimberly sat in a large white tent that was used for the fairies to get ready in. Kristina was wearing long dark blue jeans with black converses and a black sport jacket which on the back said Kristina Reeds in cursive purple thread, her hair was in a high ponytail that was somewhat loose. Charlotte was wearing white jeans with pink converses and the same black jacket as Kristina but on the back was Charlotte Grace in cursive pink thread, her hair was in neat ringlets with a pink bow, as always. Julie was wearing light blue jeans with white converses and the same black jacket except on the back it said Julie Heart in cursive blue thread, her hair was pulled up into a loose braid. Miranda had regular coloured jeans with bright red converses and the same black jacket with her name Miranda Silvermoon in cursive red thread on the back. Kimberly was wearing black jeans with lime green converses and the same black jacket with Kimberly Poser in lime green cursive thread. They sat in a circle anxiously waiting for the games to begin. There was a loud bell and the five girls walked over to the small circles and about thirty seconds later, they were raised to the arena grounds along with the Witches and the Specialist. The arena was huge, Kristina observed.

Jasmine watched her three friends look around, confused by their environment. The arena was empty. Jasmine wonder what was going on when the Game Master, Mr. Jen, spoke from the large boxed in area that the head masters and the game masters were sitting in. “Welcome Contests!” He called out smiling “This is the first challenge. This challenge will determine how charming, quick-minded and deceiving you are. One person from each school will be eliminated this round. We shall draw randomly to see who goes first.” Mr. Jen continued then he grabbed a velvet bag off the table beside him and reached his hand into the bag pulling out a small piece of paper. “Kristina Reeds!” he announced. Jasmine looked down at Kristina who stood there looking extremely small and young. She looked scared as the guards escorted the other fourteen contests out of the arena and suddenly the scenery changed. The arena looked much like an interrogation room. The walls were cold and metal. There was a small metal table in the middle of the room and there was a dim light that hung above Kristina’s head. Jasmine shuddered as she noted how the room looked awfully similar to her Russian cell. Kristina sat at one end on the table and at the other end sat two American detectives. They looked angry.

“Where is it?” The male one barked at her and Kristina flinched. Kristina’s head shook violently.

“I don’t, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Kristina cried looking worried and sick.

“Yes you do! Don’t lie!” the male yelled standing up knocking his chair back slamming his fist on the table.

“Please I really don’t!” Kristina stuttered looking extremely scared, native, and innocent.

The woman hardened her face. “Tell us where it is!” She commanded angrily.

“I don’t know!” Kristina shouted elastically.

“Then we’ll just have to blame you for Caleb’s disappearance.” The man said coolly

Kristina’s dark blue eyes over filled with water. She bit her quivering lower lip. “I have no idea what you are talking about, and even if I did I wouldn’t tell you. I can’t believe you would try to blame Caleb’s disappearance on me. ” disgust, disbelief, and angry coloured her voice.

“Yes we will, if you don’t tell us where the treasure is! Dammit! We’re just trying to help you!” The male said angrily.

“Then why don’t you look for the killers instead of this treasure?” She snapped glaring.

“Because we think that the treasure we lead us to him.” The woman said coolly then her face lit up with an idea and an evil grin swept onto her face. “Unless you killed him so you could have the treasure and you’re just playing dumb.”

Kristina stood up knocking her chair to the ground. Her face was bright red and she looked like she could kill.

“I loved my brother! I would never do anything to hurt him.” Kristina shouted gritting her teeth.

“Sit down!” The male barked and Kristina picked up the chair and slammed it on the floor taking a seat in it. “Now, if you didn’t do it, who did?” He asked.

“How am I supposed to know? Don’t think I would tell you if I knew. I wish I knew so that way I could send those bastards to hell.” Kristina hissed. Jasmine’s eyes widened in surprise. She had never heard Kristina talk like that before.

“Okay, then why don’t you tell us who you saw?” The woman asked. Kristina took a deep breath and collected herself before continuing.

“They were a couple and they looked, they looked kind of like, like you!” Kristina said narrowing her eyes. She jumped up in surprise. “Who are you?”

The couple laughed and then transformed to wear they were wearing all black and looking evil. Kristina backed into the corner of the room but then got a stubborn and determined look on her face. She transformed then glared at the couple. “Where’s my brother?” The couple didn’t answer; instead they smiled ruefully and threw a black and purple ball of energy at Kristina. “Star Shield!” Kristina called and a black shield with purple star in the middle deflected the ball and it hit the wall. “Star Nightmare!” She called. Jasmine’s gasped along with Lilly, Violet, and Glitter. Violet knew that Star Nightmare was Kristina’s strongest attack. It was also an attack that used a lot of Kristina’s energy. The attack was a direct hit and the couple hit the wall and looked weak. Kristina stumbled dizzily and Violet could tell she was on the verge of blacking out. “I’m only going to ask one more time, where is my brother?” She hissed and almost fell before she steadied herself on the wall. She rubbed her head and blinked a couple of times trying to focus in her vision. Before she could get the answer from them a bell rang and the arena went back to the way it original was. “Why did you stop it?” Kristina asked, who was still gripping her head and struggling to stand up strait. “He was going to tell me where my brother was!” She shouted and was still on the verge of blacking out. The Games Master simple gestured for the guards to lead Kristina back to the tent.

When Kristina arrived at the tent she immediately sat down. “What happened?” Charlotte asked concerned. The other contests hadn’t seen what had happened.

“Don’t under estimate them, they showed me my brother’s kidnappers.” Kristina said avoiding everyone’s stares.

“Julie Heart, you are next.” The guard standing by the door said and Julie was lead out to the arena.

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The Winx!
The Winx!
AN: I was bored (As usual) and decided to write this quiz. Since my other quiz was a complete success, (Earning the highest rating in this clubs articles) I just thought: Why not write another?
So, here it is. My newest quiz! Enjoy! (Plus, just to let you know that Roxy shall be included in the quiz)


1.You find the ideal day to be:

A- Ending perfectly, with nothing at all to do but hang out with your besties!

B- Ending with no homework, so I can have plenty of time to figure our what to wear tomorrow, and get some shopping done!

C- Ending nice,...
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