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The Winx Club Question

What are your Winx/Trix body headcanons? I know making Winx body headcanons is quite popular on tumblr and I kind of wanted to know how fanpoppers did them. If you don't know what a body headcanon I'll explain it in the details.

For those of you who don't know what a body headcanon is; it's basically how you think the girls would look if they had body types that weren't identical. Or in a matter of speaking more realistic bodies.

Bloom: In the case of Bloom I feel liked she'd be a bit on the chubbier side. Not like ridiculously obese or anything. But I feel like she'd be heavier than the other girls. I also picture her more average in height.

Stella: I also see her as one of the heavier Winx girls. I don't see her as chubby persay but she's a bit bigger than the others. And of course she's still the 'pretty' and 'fashionable' one. That said she also has the biggest breasts.

Flora: In my head Flora is usually the shortest of the group and really petite. I've always seen her as a vegetarian so she'd be on the skinnier side.

Tecna: I've always seen Tecna as the pretty tall flat chested one. While she still has feminine curves, she's got a more masculine body.

Layla: Layla I could see being more muscular and with abs. She wouldn't be insanely muscular but she could give Riven a run for his money. She'd have a bigger bum but would be more flat chested.

Musa: I always imagined that Musa would also have abs. She wouldn't be muscular anywhere else really. She'd have bigger breasts and a more 'average' bum. And like Bloom I feel she's one of those not short but not tall people.

Icy: With Icy I could see one of two things. She's either very naturally tall and very thin and flat chested. That or she's more like Bloom based on that line in season 3 where she stated that she ate a lot of ice cream. But usually the first of the two comes to my mind when someone tells me to describe her in a fic.

Darcy: Darcy I always saw as a lot like Tecna body wise--taller and thinner. But she isn't flat chested. She's more curvy.

Stormy: As many other people over on tumblr seem to view her, I've always imagined that Stormy would be small and chunky. And rather huggable, which annoys the
 zanhar1 posted over a year ago
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