The Vampire Diaries TV Show My faves from 3.05 "The Reckoning". Yours? (WARNING! It's basically the whole entire episode. Can you blame me?!)

Pick one:
Klaus and Elena's encounter
Stop being cute/It's not possible
Thought I'd give it a shot. Truth is, you just don't do it for me anymore
Consider me jealous
Thought you might stretch your legs, take a break from the sexual tension
Tyler kissing Caroline
I think that I love how big your heart is (almost an ILY!)
Forwood makeout session interrupted by Rebekah
Last summer you & I were lifeguards at the pool & the only 2 problems (cont)
I'd say you're desperate and lying. Or drunk. Or desperate lying drunk.
You will simply just obey. Now kill them, ripper [R.I.P. NotNowDana]
Why is that doppelganger bitch wearing my necklace?!
I invited him to the party, love, he's the one dancing on the table
Bonnie saves Matt
Don't fall asleep, Jer. You might have a concussion/Thanks for the concern, dick
I wouldn't have done it for you
You don't get it. I can't stop, Elena. I'm a ripper, a ripper doesn't stop
Given the choice, doppelganger or hybrid, I go hybrid everytime
The buzzer goes off, Stefan goes after Elena
Your humanity is killing you. All the guilt must be exhausting. Turn it off.
Turn. It. Off. / NO! / *compelling him* TURN IT OFF!
Tyler becomes a hybrid
A thousand years in a grave and she's still screwing with you
Is that what this is about? You just don't want to be alone?
Damon tells Klaus about Mikael.
Damon carries Elena out of the hospital
I'm great, Caroline. It's a rush, I wish I could explain it
Tyler picks up Caroline, they kiss
This is gonna be an amazing year (UH OH! Smell trouble!)
"Hi, Matty"
Where were you, Damon?
I shouldn't have left. I promise you I will never leave you again
Last I checked, I live here. From now on you're under my protection
Mikael wakes up
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