The Vampire Diaries TV Show EW||TV Season Finale Awards: Pick Your Favorite Win...

Pick one:
Best Death Jeremy, 31%
Best Romantic Cliff-hanger Elena, Damon, and Stefan,30%
Best Non-Romantic Cliff-hanger Stefan is Klaus' ''ripper'' wingman, 29%
Best Kiss Damon and Elena, 35%
Top Tissue Moment (Single Tear or Sobfest) Damon's deathbed confession, 30%
Single Weakest Twist Damon was never going to die, 21%
Single Most Clever Twist The return of Vicki and Anna, 18%
Most Disturbing Image Stefan looking like a dog on a blood-bag binge, 27%
Most Rewound Moment Damon and Elena's deathbed conversation, 27%
Most Likely to Stay on My DVR the Longest , 31%
Your Penultimate Episode Was Better Than Your Finale. Weird, 29%
 laurik2007 posted over a year ago
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