The Vampire Diaries TV Show My Fave Scenes From Daddy Issues! :)

Pick one:
Damon Taking A Shower/Putting The Towel On
"I may just have to go get a hero hair-do of my own and steal your thunder"
John Tells Jenna That He's Elena's Father
Damon & Elena At Elena's House
Jeremy Puts His Arm Around Bonnie
DE At The Grill Talking About John
John & Damon Talk At The Grill
Caroline's Vampire Face
DE At The Grill Talking About Andie
DE Talking In The Bathroom/John Finds Them
Damon Ripping The Wolves Hearts Out
Ninja Stefan
Jonas Saves Damon,Caroline & Stefan
Stefan And Caroline Talking At Caroline's House
John Tells Damon How To Kill An Original
Badass Caroline Talking To Tyler
John And Elena Talk In The Kitchen
Caroline, Bonnie & Elena Hug
Jeremy & Bonnie At The Grill
Damon In The Bathtub Talking About His Feelings
John Visits Katherine
 Damon_Rocks posted over a year ago
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