The Vampire Diaries TV Show Best quote from Do Not Go Gentle?

Pick one:
I’ve watched The Bachelor! Fair is fair. It is Stefan’s turn.
I’m thinking gardenia corsage. Wrist obviously. You don’t want to stab her in
Sometimes, the people who love her get caught in the crossfire.
What’s he gonna do? Draw you another picture?
I don’t have to prove anything, love. I am the alpha male.
Small town boy. Small town world. It won’t be enough for you.
Perhaps one day, maybe in a year or even in a century, you’ll turn up at my doo
The Salvatores and their unshakable bond. I only wonder what will happen when Ele
My survival will haunt you through eternity. You will never destroy me!
Sorry I killed you. Twice.
 mrssalvatore6 posted over a year ago
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