The Vampire Diaries TV Show Favorite Kiss Countdown [Season 1; Round 38] Pick Your LEAST Favorite Kiss (NOT Couple) :)

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1x12 - Caroline and Matt
1x16 - Stefan and Elena (Elena’s house)
1x04 - Stefan and Elena (Elena's Bedroom)
1x13 - Stefan and Katherine
1x19 - Stefan and Elena
1x05 - Stefan and Elena (In The Kitchen)
1x10 - Stefan and Elena (In Bed)
1x11 - Stefan and Elena
1x04 - Stefan and Elena (At The Door)
1x05 - Stefan and Elena (At The Carwash)
1x06 - Stefan and Katherine
1x10 - Stefan and Elena (The I Love You Scene)
1x13 - Stefan and Elena
1x18 - Stefan and Elena (Elena’s House)
1x20 - Stefan and Elena
1x03 - Stefan and Elena (The Necklace Scene)
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1x10 - Stefan and Elena (In Stefan's House)
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1x12 - Stefan and Elena (At The Dance)
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 Vampire_Orchid posted over a year ago
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Vampire_Orchid picked 1x16 - Stefan and Elena (Elena’s house):

19. 1x16 Stefan and Elena (In The Car)
20. 1x16 Stefan and Elena (In Front Of Stefan’s House)

21. 1x22 Stefan and Elena
22. 1x12 Stefan and Elena (Stefan’s House)
23. 1x16 Stefan and Elena (In The School)
24. 1x02 Stefan and Elena
25. 1x18 Stefan and Elena (Elena’s Bed)

26. 1x03 Stefan and Elena (The Dream)
27. 1x22 Damon and Katherine
28. 1x15 Alaric and Jenna
29. 1x16 Caroline and Matt
30. 1x17 Caroline and Matt

31. 1x20 Jeremy and Anna (The Goodbye Kiss)
32. 1x20 Jeremy and Anna (Jeremy’s House)
33. 1x15 Caroline and Matt
34. 1x04 Damon and Caroline
35. 1x20 Jeremy and Anna (In Front Of The School)

36. 1x13 Damon and Katherine (In Bed)
37. 1x13 Damon and Katherine (In The Woods)
38. 1x13 Damon and Katherine (In The Apothecary)
39. 1x15 Alaric and Isobel
40. 1x03 Damon and Caroline

41. 1x07 Jeremy and Vicki (In The School)
42. 1x14 Jeremy and Anna
43. 1x07 Jeremy and Vicki (In Front Of The School)
44. 1x21 Damon and Isobel
45. 1x05 Jeremy and Vicki

46. 1x04 Jeremy and Vicki
47. 1x06 Jeremy and Vicki
48. 1x13 Bonnie and Ben
49. 1x12 Anna and Ben
50. 1x18 Tyler and Kelly

51. 1x16 Damon and Kelly
52. 1x01 Tyler and Vicki (In the Woods)
53. 1x01 Tyler and Vicki (In Front Of The School)
54. 1x02 Tyler and Vicki
55. 1x11 Damon and Bree
posted over a year ago.
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Damon-Bamon12 picked 1x12 - Caroline and Matt:
posted over a year ago.
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vampirefreak_26 picked 1x12 - Caroline and Matt:
not that I don't like Caroline and Matt but their kiss was not that great as those of Elena nad Stefan
posted over a year ago.