The Vampire Diaries TV Show ▶ Favorite S6 character |ELIMINATION Round| Vote for your LEAST favorite

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22 fans picked:
▶ Joshua
▶ Tripp
▶ Liam
▶ Monique
▶ Lily
▶ Tyler
▶ Matt
▶ Sarah
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▶ Liz
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▶ Liv
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 OTHjovana posted over a year ago
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OTHjovana picked ▶ Joshua :
>In every round we vote for our favorite couple/character.
>The one with the least votes goes out.
>If there is more couples/characters with the same % of votes, then there is an elimination round, in which we vote for our least favorite out of them.

2 characters will be eliminated in every round, until we get to the TOP10.

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MariLena16 picked ▶ Joshua :
Then Monique & Tripp
posted over a year ago.