I saw this post on Tumblr and wanted to share it to you guys. I absolutely agree with this.

Here it goes:

"How is it okay to have sex with your brother’s ex? Think about it. How would you react if your brother had sex with your ex? That would not be okay in the real world and I don’t understand why it is okay in TVD. It’s disgusting. If my sister would have sex with my ex a DAY after our break-up, I would not be able to forgive her, ever. DE sex wasn’t romantic at all, it was sickening. And don’t give me crap about how Damon had to suffer three seasons of Stefan and Elena. First of all, Elena was Stefan’s GIRLFRIEND, that’s the first difference. There was nothing wrong with it. It wasn’t Stefan’s fault Damon fell in love with HIS girlfriend. In season three Elena and Stefan weren’t even in a relationship with each other. There were plenty of Damon and Elena scenes."

It's an opinion. Which means, there's not correct or wrong answer in this article. This is what the person thinks. Hear her out.