Katherine stared at him like it was the first time she saw him. Damon walked passed her and entered the Boarding House. “Nice to see you too, by the way” he said to a speechless Katherine. “I heard Bonnie brought my stuff back here” Katherine nodded, then realized Damon didn’t see her since he was standing with his back to her and mumbled: “Yeah, she did” She gathered herself together and walked towards Damon and stopped right in front of him. “Why are you here?” she asked suspicious. “I mean, not that you can’t, this is your house, but are you allowed to be here? Does Bonnie let you?” Damon frowned his eyebrows. Katherine knew much more about what was going on than he nor Bonnie thought. She knew or at least had a high suspicion that Bonnie decided where Damon could go and what he could do. “I can talk to you, she doesn’t have a problem with that” Damon decided. “Katherine, I need to ask you something” Katherine made a step backwards and braced herself. “What?” she asked careful. “There was a man murdered last night. Would you have anything to do with that?” “Bonnie sent you to interrogate me? She uses you now to do her dirty work? I’m going to kill that bitch!” Katherine exclaimed and she raced to the front door. She opened it and saw Elena on the porch. “Hi, get in, I’m gone” Katherine said and she ran off. Elena entered the house. “Damon? Are you in here? It’s me, Elena”
As soon as Damon heard her name his face went pale and his hands got sweaty. “Elena, go home! I’m sick!” What a lame excuse, Damon thought, vampires don’t get sick. He could slap himself right now. He heard footsteps coming closer to the living room and ten seconds later Elena entered the living room. At first he thought she was walking to him, but she just passed him and headed for the wall. She leaned her back against it and went up and down, like Baloo in Jungle Book. “God, this itch is driving me nuts!” As she said that Damon felt his own back burning and stinging like Bonnie was in scripting her vervain message all over again. “Hey, what’s wrong?” Elena asked when she noticed Damon’s pained face. Damon turned around and Elena left her wall. She walked towards Damon and lay her hands on his back. “What’s wrong?” she repeated. She felt Damon’s button down was kind of wet. “Nothing” Damon said sharp. “There’s something on your back” Elena insisted. “Let me see” She started to pull his shirt, but Damon turned and gripped her hands. “Don’t” he said. “Everything’s okay. You need to go home” Elena shook her head. “I don’t want to go home. I don’t want to see Stefan right now. Can’t I just stay here for a while?” she asked with a puppy look in her eyes. Damon looked sadly at the girl he fancied. He should send her away, and make her stay away. But one hour couldn’t hurt. “All right” Damon sighed. “Why not” “Yay!” Elena exclaimed and she threw her arms tightly around his neck. Damon, who tried to ignore the sharp, burning pain, helplessly patted her back.