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The fans pick: SCP-173
SCP- 173
SCP- 096
The fans pick: SCP-2558-J
SCP- 2558- J
Neither Catch My Attention
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DrDyatlov said …
I'm new in SCP Foundation fan Club and i'm looking forward to share with you all!!! I'm very happy to joining you... Posted over a year ago
Allies57 said …
I've read about SCP for [Data Expunged], and found out about it in SCP containment breach. Did you know their making a new [Data Expunged] game, that takes place [Data Expunged] where the player is [Data Expunged]. Posted over a year ago
Soberousfan222 said …
I'm gonna hope I wasn't the first to know about the game No More Monsters: an upcoming indie horror game centered around SCP-122, a nightlight that must remain active or else the shadows of those who sleep around it will become instances of SCP-122-1.

Here is 122's article: link
Forum: link

The game is being built with the aid of Z-Bites under the embrace of a Unity Engine. Y'all have the most beautiful nights. Posted over a year ago