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Create a power ranger team

Team name: Power Rangers Beast Mode
Theme: Animal Spirits
Colors: Red(Fire) White(Snow) Gold(Electric) Pink(Air) Black(Earth) Light Blue(Water)
Zords: Fire Bull, Snow Wolf, Electric Eagle, Air Horse, Black Panther, Sea Shark,
MegaZord Formation: Horse Forms Left leg, Bull Forms Right leg, Panther Forms Left Arm, Shark Forms Right Arm, Eagle Forms Wings, Wolf Forms Body and Head.
Power Rangers Team Name and Age: Cody(Red) 15yr old fighter, Jay(White) 13yr old artist, Kevin(Gold) 16yr old Smart Guy, Mary(Pink) 16yr old Smart Gal, Sam(Black) 15yr old Tough One, Ava(Light Blue) 13yr old The One with the Catch Fraise.
Morph Call: Unleash The Beast
Morphing sequence: They insert there Beast Ore into there Glove Morpher Then say unleash the beast and then they flip while spinning in the air and then land on one knee and there mask comes on and the rest of the suit
Origin: While on a walk 6 Teens find Glowing Rocks
Shaped as Animals Each take one and they instantly get
transported to a Science Lab Awating them is a Scientist that tell them the origin of the power of the rocks they have and then the Scientist gives morphers
Villains: Terrible Worlock(the main villain) he is obsess with the Beast ore.
The Ultra Bear(The Main villain Main man
The Creepy Scar(the alien army guys)
Track alien monster
Train reck alien monster
Filler alien monster
And many more
1 Unleash The Beast
2 The Power of animals
 Jay4 posted over a year ago
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tuneatic said:
Power Rangers Rock Stars: When the Strife Demons break free of their netherworld prison Harmonia spirit of music and joy recruits up and coming rock band Sunset Express to become power rangers and protect earth.

1. Tiffany Li, Red Ranger
Gender: Female
Band Position : Lead Singer Keyboards/Keytar
Weapon: Keytar
Zord: Wolf (Head)
Back Beat Zord: Unicorn
Charismatic, Natural Leader, Very Girly

2.Greg Draiman, Purple Ranger
Gender: Male
Band Position: Drums
Weapon: Drum Sticks
Zord: Dragon (Torso)
Back Beat Zord: Crocodile
Strong Silent Type

3. Duncan Labonte, Green Ranger
Gender: Male
Band Position: Bass Player
Weapon: Bass
Zord: 1987 Lamborghini Countach (Left Arm)
Back Beat Zord: Bulldozer
Cocky Rebel

4. Candice Rose, Pink Ranger
Second in command
Gender: Female
Band Position: Lead Guitar
Weapon: Guitar
Zord: 1993 Toyota 4Runner (Both Legs)
Back Beat Zord: Train
Very Studious Tech Wizard

5. Sven Poulsen, Black Ranger
Gender: Male
Band Position: Rhythm Guitar
Weapon: Rhythm Guitar
Zord: Tiger (Right Arm)
Back Beat Zord: Falcon
Music and Comic Book Nerd Kind of Shy

Megazord Name: Riff Megazord
Megazord Weapon: Saxophone Blaster
The Riff and Back Beat Megazords combine to form the Rock N' Roller Megazord
City: Boulder Ridge
Mentor: Harmonia
Headquarters: Harmonia's Floating Temple
Morpher: Melody Star Morpher
Morphing Call: Rock on
Ranger Vehicles: High Note Cycles
Symphonic Battilizer
In Your Bass Music Club (club Sunset Express plays in)

Allies: Carl Tyler (Club Owner)
Helen Moody and Vivian Keifer (Waitresses/ Comedy Relief)

Tiffany and Greg are dating

Villains: Strife Demons They bring about chaos, violence, anger, sadness and ill will while in demon form and disguised as humans they feed upon such emotions
Leader: Empress Discord
Generals: Hexia, Grumble, Nollus
Troops: Wraiths

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posted 3 months ago 
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Ed789 said:
this is nice.I like it but the tittle is not good except that everything is good.
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posted over a year ago 
CrocRanger said:
Team name:Power Rangers Magic Defenders
Rangers:Red(Eric),Blue(Sean),Yellow(Angel),Green(Lance),Pink(Shala),Bronze(Beck),Silver[Yoru(their master)]
Special Weapons:
R-Moose machetes,condor cannon
B-Sheperd super pistol
Y-Rooster rotating dagger
G-Troodon sped bladder
P-panda gauntlets
Bronze-orca scythe,angler chomper
S-Tricera blade shield
All-Magic cannon,special slicer,Super magic cannon,sword,gun,wheel shield,ranger car.
R- Moose/Race car/condor
B- German Shepard/train
Y- Rooster/train
G- Troodon/helicopter
P- Panda/Jet
Bronze- Orca/anglerfish
S- Triceratops/stegosaurus
Planetary defender Megazord- base Megazord
[Moose(warrior mode) German Shepard (right leg) panda (left leg) Troodon (left arm) rooster (right arm)]
Triceratitan- triceratops
Orca Nexus Megazord- orca + planetary defender Megazord
Humachine megazord- secondary zords (5 base rangers)
(Trains are legs,helicopter is left arm,jet is right arm,race car as base)
Angler defender Megazord- planetary defender Megazord + anglerfish
StegoSlasher Megazord-stegosaurus
Sky freedom Megazord - planetary defender Megazord + condor
Ancient defender Megazord - planetary defender megazord + Triceratops
(Triceratitan but with the same built of planetary defender Megazord, but without the moose Megazord)
Galaxy Defender Megazord - all zords except for moose,trains,anglerfish,Troodon
(Built of ancient defender Megazord,helicopter on top of jet and connected on the back of the Megazord,but in troodon's left arm position,add the stegospine onto the orca zord and attach it as the left arm.)
Minions-nuknuk gooeys
Episode list:
Yes deal
Welcome to a not so real reality
Fighting fire with water
Giga bayou brawl
Sheparding sheep
Orca trawler
Claw Kong
Machine Madness
Leaving the era of ranger
Equipped to die
Entrance of the triceratops
Not so innocent victim
Start your engines
Scrap Showdown
Civil Apocalypse
Assassination plane
Rifle war
End of all?
The biggest one of all
Finale part 1
Finale part 2
The armada of another
Over and over again
Search for a new power
Earth twister
Last Brawl.
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posted over a year ago 
PowerRangerKid said:
YouTuber Rangers

Morpher- Mini Play Button Crystal

Red- Little RoPo
Zord- Lion (Body and Head)
Element- Fire

Blue- DanTDM
Zord- Shark(left arm)
Element- Water

Green- Jacksepticeye
Zord- Raptor(Right Arm)


Zord-Snake(Left Leg)

Zord-Wolf(Right Leg)

Mentor-Dr.Mark (Markiplier)

Main Villian- PewDiePie
Henchman- Robot FootSoilder
Morphing Call- Power Ranger *there color* Start Recording
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posted over a year ago 
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