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Illustration from Kay novel. He certainly looks depressed.
Illustration from Kay novel. He certainly looks depressed.
This article shall pertain to the 'holy trinity' of Phantom. The Leroux, Kay, and Andrew Lloyd Webber versions. The basic idea is to look at each individual portrayal of the Phantom and ascertain approximately the extent of his mental deterioration and psychosis. I will also discuss the probable causes and catalysts for these behaviours.
This is by no means a full psychoanalysis, and in the long run is only meant to calm me down with some logical thinking after a very bad week. I.E. you don't have to like it or agree with it.
I shall begin with Leroux since that is the original perception of...
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MyzzLee from Youtube singing it. She is really good
it has music over it from The Point of No Return
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Christine and Erik, open up your mind!
Christine and Erik, open up your mind!
Hi guys, since I had only done the stage review, here is the movie review that I will write.

The Story

While the story is exactly like the stage version, some songs were revise for logical reasons. A couple of them were shortened to avoid repetition, the ending with the elderly Raoul was added that is not feature in the stage version.

Music of the Night

As mentioned, many familiar songs are feature and are shortened. Originally, the Phantom (Erik in the original novel) has a new song which was written specially for this film. But it was omitted due to time constrain, it is feature on the Special Edition DVD.

The Characters

While watching this film, I keep thinking that this film is like Disney's Beauty and the Beast, with the exception of the ending which both the antagonist and protagonist did not die.

In All Your Fantasies

So, these are my thoughts on the film and enjoy it.
Stranger Than You Dream It.
Stranger Than You Dream It.
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