The Office "BEST OF" PICK: What is the all-time best cold open of the show?

Pick one:
The Fight ~ Dwight' desk is missing
Email Surveillance ~ Michael does not get off to a great start with the IT guy
Booze Cruise ~ Dwight’s stuff has mysteriously appeared in the vending machine
The Secret ~ Michael has problems telling the “up-dog” joke
The Carpet ~ Jim looking over at Ryan is nothing compared to what Michael's doing
Michael’s Birthday ~ Michael doesn’t understand the concept of pyramid scheme
Casino Night ~ Jim reveals he has telekinetic powers
The Coup ~ It’s Movie Monday!
Branch Closing ~ Dwight receives an urgent fax from his future self
A Benihana Christmas ~ Dwight brings in a dead goose
Back From Vacation ~ Dwight can't keep his clothes on during the sales meeting
Traveling Salesmen ~ Jim and Pam meet Harvey
Ben Franklin ~ Michael teaches his future son some important lessons
Phyllis’s Wedding ~ Jim tries out the Pavlov method on Dwight
Cocktails ~ Michael attempts to use magic to escape from bondage
The Negotiation ~ Roy tries to attack Jim
Product Recall ~ Which one is the real Dwight?
Beach Games ~ Michael and Dwight use WebMD
The Job ~ Michael shows up for his interview one day early
Fun Run ~ Michael hits something with his car
Launch Party ~ Everyone is dying to see the cube go in the corner
Money ~ Michael tries out his Meryl Streep impersonation
I pick ALL of them! They're all AMAZING!
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Performance Review ~ Jim pops Dwight's "fitness orb"
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