The Office Best Ryan Quote?

Pick one:
I'm getting paid to skip lunch, right?
Same team, Dwight.
You and I are done.
I hooked up with her on Feb. 13th...
What am I going...award? Nothing... thats the least of my concerns...
...I could clean out my desk in five seconds...and I'd forget, too.
Stanley yelled at me today... most frightening experiences of my life for Kelly is getting married and having babies.... With me.
I can't believe I started the fire...
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somtimes I catch Jim looking at's nothing compared to the way michael loo
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"I miss when there was only one party I didn't want to go to"
Last year Creed asked how to start a blod... Even...
Last year Creed asked how to start a blod...Even for the internet it's pretty sho
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