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Hi all,

Branch Wars was such a fun episode that I find myself having to write about it!

Whats not to like?

There is a finner things club happening in the break room and staff poaching! Not enough? Ok, bring on a sabotage attempt for Utica by Curly (Jim) Larry ( Michael) and Moe ( Dwight). Oh and the return of Karen.!

Between the constant giggles I did feel a little for Jim having to face Karen. Like most people after a nasty break up its always a goal to avoid your ex like the plague.

Jim: I can't believe you guys. I'm not going to go further piss off my ex-girlfriend.

No such luck for Jim - I bet...
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Every Thursday most of you Fanpoppers watch The Office. Most of you get so excited over them. But what if you turned the TV on Thursday and you already knew what was going to happen. You already knew the JAM plot, the main plot, the conclusion, etc. There isn't much point in whatching it right? You get to see the jokes cracked,which is a pretty good reason. But really? You already know what happens!
Well really, I hate spoilers!!! Every Thursday I like a surprise, a plot that will get me each time. I don't want to know what happens until I see it for myself. When I watch "The Office" I want...
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ahhh, love. what a gorgeous site to behold.

For two, long years, jim and pam have flirted back and forth, fulfilling our weekly need of "will they/wont they" tension.

until last may, when jim put it all out there, and we all weeped as they separated once more.

so the new season started, and jim wasnt there. pam was a wreck and only we knew jim was moving on.

>then he came back! but he brought his new love interest with him.

and now, we hold our breaths until january 4th, when new episodes begin again.
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