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posted by megaspy007
The most of us have watched "Fun Run". Funny storie, about Meredith getting hit by Michael's car and Angela's cat Sprinkles who died, but I ,and I think many other people, watched it more to see what happened between Jim and Pam....

In the beginning of the episode you see that they are back and more attached then ever, but it's a shame that we couldn't see what happened between them. Like, the dates or just a gentle kiss.

Also, Jim dumped Karen and the day of the Fun Run her desk was empty. I was happy to see that becouse Karen was just sort of a pitstop in Jim and Pam's relationship and we all know that Jim and Pam are destined to be together.

I hope we will see more Jam next episodes (cute and subtle, but not sticky) and I hope that at the end, they still be together.
posted by Gstine
I e-mailed this to NBC's website. I encourage everyone to boycott internet feeds of television episodes until the strike is over.

"Dear NBC,

For the past year, I have thoroughly enjoyed the privilege of watching episodes of my favorite shows on your website. I found it to be incredibly convenient, especially since I work in the evenings and occassionally have to miss an airing of one of my favorite shows (Heroes and The Office top that list, by the way). I was so pleased with your website that I was even willing to sit through those annoying commercials you force me to watch. And I ESPECIALLY...
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posted by justboy
How come this versions called 'the office' as if its the original when its clearly just a bastardised dumbed down version of the actual british one? I mean i have the occasional laugh at this one but its just so insanely blatant, which when you compare it to the subtle lines and nods of the british one it makes it look like the special little brother version. 'The office (uk)' should just be 'the office' and the american dumbed down to hell version should be 'the office (us remake).
Any way why do americans have to remake every british programme and take out all the things that made it brilliant in the first place? Theyll be remaking monty python - life of brian next starring
Will Ferrel and Adam Sandler.
posted by cycle-of-menace
Hers is my letter to NBC about the strike. I am in full support mode for it! I was wondering--first off, is it effective? Do you think I should mail it or email it?

Dear NBC,

Watching my favorite shows on your website was a huge convenience for me if I didn’t get to catch one on TV, even with the unentertaining ads that cut through the program. Your website in general was very enjoyable and I spent a lot of time on it, particularly The Office site. But now I regret to inform you that I will no longer be accessing your website in support of the WGA writers.

I was shocked to learn that the writers...
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posted by goalstopper
There are many different types of fans who watch the office. lets admit it we are all obsessed with the office. as well there are 2 main fans bases the comedy people and the romantic people. the office does a good job evening the romantic aspect and the comedy aspects of the show. lets learn more about them.

1)The Jam Watchers

These fans watch just to see if pam and jim will have their true love. they don't like michael or dwight as much as pam and jim. they don't just want Jam to happen but they love and root for Dwangela (dwight and Angela),Relly(Ryan And Kelly) and Man (Michael and Jan).

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posted by kathiria82
Hey guys! Everyone who is a fan of The Office must know about the new website, Dunder Mifflin Infinity. In case you don't already know, Dunder Mifflin Infinity (DMI) is the new online division of Dunder Mifflin, Inc. Paper Company. This gives all us die-hard office fans a chance to not only interact with each other but it makes us feel like we work at Dunder Mifflin. For more in-depth information on this amazing new website go to link. I am proud to say that I work for the Independence MO Branch and the Regional Manager is our very own link. She always gets the best and latest news on our favorite...
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One of my favorite parts of the British Version of The Office was the gap before the specials. There was something about seeing how everyone reacted to their sudden notoriatety. There is something disarming about how David Brent reacted to his sudden infamy.
I wonder if Jim and Pam would react differently in the event that all of their talking heads were public knowledge. I would imagine, that any woman Jim was with would leave him. Pam would probably realize that they should be together, and there you go.
What do ya'll think?
posted by Phylob_forever
Okay Office fans, if you are as much of a die-hard fan as I am... you've probably experienced it. The dreaded spoiler tug. I frequent not only this website, but also, and Whenever I pull up Officetally's homepage (shout out to them...I couldn't live without it!) I unwillingly glance at the "spoilers/news" link. Next to the link, there is a date... the date of when the most recent spoiler has been posted. Though I tell myself not to... urge myself not to in fact, the impetus is just to strong. Because of this, I now have seen and read every fragment of spoilers, and...
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This was actually a good comeback from the last episode dealing with clips. It's almost as if they took some time to make a good come back, and it was an enjoyable 'The Office', with the bonus of development plots.

It's good that Jim and Pam are searching for the right daycare for their child, it shows proactive behavior on their part and it actually opens us up as an audience to embrace a new member to the cast of 'The Office'. How would that turn out though, can anyone think it up; my guess is constant visits from Michael and some kind of protective wear for the child. Definitely no 'bring...
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It takes two to tango, but all fall down when there are two bosses to any office. Jim and Michael both hold two completely different prospects into running the office, which caused them to crash dramatically especially when it came to making the tough decisions.

What I found most amusing was that I actually believed that Jim was trying to help and not completely take over. Although there were some times where Jim wished he were the only boss, it was only because he believed that his method would work to making the office a more efficient place.

Sadly he was most mistaken. Over the years, Michael...
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posted by 75Claudia
Jim: Michael has asked Pam and me to dinner at least 9 times. And every time we’ve been able to get out of it. But I’ve got to give him credit, he got me. Because I’m starting to suspect that there was no assignment from corporate.

That was the first laugh for me. Poor Jim was caught off guard. Michael was very much Michael when he faked the call to corporate. I find it funny that Kevin and Creed seem to buy it without question. lol

This was a great come back episode though I am not sure that I was left wanting more because it was so long since the last episode or because it was such a...
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Hi all,

Branch Wars was such a fun episode that I find myself having to write about it!

Whats not to like?

There is a finner things club happening in the break room and staff poaching! Not enough? Ok, bring on a sabotage attempt for Utica by Curly (Jim) Larry ( Michael) and Moe ( Dwight). Oh and the return of Karen.!

Between the constant giggles I did feel a little for Jim having to face Karen. Like most people after a nasty break up its always a goal to avoid your ex like the plague.

Jim: I can't believe you guys. I'm not going to go further piss off my ex-girlfriend.

No such luck for Jim - I bet...
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posted by greekthegeek
Every Thursday most of you Fanpoppers watch The Office. Most of you get so excited over them. But what if you turned the TV on Thursday and you already knew what was going to happen. You already knew the JAM plot, the main plot, the conclusion, etc. There isn't much point in whatching it right? You get to see the jokes cracked,which is a pretty good reason. But really? You already know what happens!
Well really, I hate spoilers!!! Every Thursday I like a surprise, a plot that will get me each time. I don't want to know what happens until I see it for myself. When I watch "The Office" I want...
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posted by bwright
These are in no particular order.

Michael: It was a crime of passion Jan, not a disgruntled employee. Everyone here is extremely gruntled.

Dwight: Every day for eight years I have brought pepper spray into this office to protect myself and my fellow employees and for eight years people have laughed at me. Well, who's laughing now? (Eyes teared up as effect of pepper sprady)

Dwight:No, don't call me a hero. Do you know who the real heroes are? The guys who wake up every morning and go into their normal jobs and get a distress call from the commissioner and take off their glasses and change into...
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posted by Mixedbreedgirl
ahhh, love. what a gorgeous site to behold.

For two, long years, jim and pam have flirted back and forth, fulfilling our weekly need of "will they/wont they" tension.

until last may, when jim put it all out there, and we all weeped as they separated once more.

so the new season started, and jim wasnt there. pam was a wreck and only we knew jim was moving on.

>then he came back! but he brought his new love interest with him.

and now, we hold our breaths until january 4th, when new episodes begin again.
posted by WorshipDwight
Two years ago, I wrote an article, “Confessions of an Addict,” sharing the pains and joys of my serious addiction to the Office. Since then, I’ve revisited the article several times for nostalgia’s sake, and many more times I’ve considered writing another chapter in my addiction story. What stopped me?

    For the longest time, I was worried that I had indeed found the reason for my failure to write another addiction article. I was certain I had lost faith. I was certain that my love for the Office had faded. I looked back at my “Confessions” article with...
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Angela Martin is pretty much my favorite character. As a die-hard Office fan I love every single character but Angela comes out on top. I know a lot of you are big fans of Jim, Dwight, and the other "main characters" of the show. So, I am just going to show some reasons why Angela is awesome.

She is one of those that you would just hate if you actually knew her.
Okay, this is my worst reason but it works. Obviously, many of the Office characters are
like this. But that's what make those characters hilarious. If I knew an Angela I would probably not be writing why she was awesome. So, yeah...
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Welcome back, it's nice to have new episodes again of The Office, I thought I was going through new episode withdraws. Well I'm glad I have my fix now, and the new episode did not disappoint. I totally loved the episode. The writing, I thought was sharp and funny and the writers gave the audience what we have been waiting for, with the story line about the Angela/ Andy/ Dwight triangle. This story line all came to a head and It exploded with total satisfaction. I loved the way Jim tried to protect everyone from Andy (due to his Anger management issues) a great throw back from Andy's history....
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posted by patrickf220
Here are my Predictions for Season 4:

Greg Daniels has listed some things to expect this season:

Kidnapping: So, this is what i think is gonna happen, there is said to be some sort of kidnapping i don't think that this is going to be with a person. I think that Dwight is maybe going to kidnap one of angela's cats as a way of getting back with her or something, or i think that Kelly is going to get very mad about Ryan and maybe kidnap something of his.

Jealousy: I predict that Ryan is going to start to date some girl at corporate and Kelly will find out and get extremely mad at him. Also i think...
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Finally it's the big one 'Jim and Pam's Wedding' and everyone from the office is invited. I am sure Jim and Pam could have easily told them a different venue and have their wedding elsewhere with only their family and true friends, dumping the drama down the drain. As much as Jim and Pam may resent working with some real downers, their wedding would not be the same without them. That and they would have creepy phone calls and unending chatter if they stood everyone up.

The one thing I loved about this two part episode is that we got to see both sides of the family relating to Jim and Pam. We...
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