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Okay, the only reason I’m writing this is because the show, “The Office” needs to be defended a bit. Now, I don’t care if you don’t like the show anymore, that’s fine, go and tune into “Parks and Rec" and join their spot instead.” This article is for the ones that still stand by “The Office” 100%; fans that understand that a show must evolve, as well as the characters, so the show does not go stagnant. I personally think the show would be incredibly boring if ideas were not at least tried and for chances to be taken.

My personal story on how I discovered “The Office” is a very personal one and I would have a problem telling it, but it needs to be said, to give homage to the show that is incredibly funny to this day, even going into its 7th season. It will explain why I still love the show and always will.

So, here it goes...

I moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma in February of 2008. I left my friends and family in Missouri behind to find better work, because Missouri is in job turmoil. Through the course I succeeded in getting a good job, a place of my own and all that; and even though I loved my life there, I was extremely lonely, started feeling really disconnected and having some serious dark thoughts. The kind of person I am is that I tend to fall into negative states where everything is bleak and sad and it’s hard for me to get out of it. My family and I are not rich, so visits from my family and friends were next to none and finding friends is not always easy for people like me and that depressed me even more. Anyway, I knew about the show for years and never tuned in. I remember kind of being intrigued by Rainn Wilson’s character Dwight Schrute and Steve Carell’s character Michael Scott, as well. I didn’t really know Rainn’s name or his character’s name either, so at the time, I referred to him as “the guy from The Office.” Well, one night I decided to watch it, just because I was curious. It was a rerun on TBS, episode “The Fire”, and I was so glad I did. I fell head over heels for it. Not only Dwight himself, but all the other characters and the whole show itself. How all the actors interacted with each other and the chemistry they all possess. It always made me think ‘how the hell do they get through the scenes with a straight face ?’ It made me laugh so much, laughter I so desperately needed. It brightened my day. Even though it may have characters I don’t like, it still made me laugh hysterically. Eventually, I bought seasons 1-4 on DVD and never looked back. I got into the 5th season on NBC when it was about to wrap, but of course I bought that one as well, so, now I could watch them as much as I want to and enjoy every second of its crazy and antic humor.

I just wanted to defend it a little, by giving my personal story on why I love it so much. It literally saved my life, really. I know that may sound corny and cheesy, but it’s the honest truth. Its humor is completely carefree and sometimes eccentric which I’m trying to learn to do. Its nonsensical humor is beyond hilarious and I LOVE THAT and, in my opinion, it’s even better now. Everyone needs to laugh and this show tends to deliver it to me, and I have to give my respect to it. Also, if there are any haters reading this, which probably won't be the case, because you rather post insulting answer entries instead of browsing something on a spot to get your answers. I just want to say, I really don’t want to hear about how much it sucks anymore, it’s frankly pissing me off. The simple solution is to not come on the spot anymore. Because believe it or not there are a few of us on here that love it and want to bask in its genius and your bitching is annoying us. Also, the ones who have left just because JAM’s chapter is over, you are completely ridiculous to me, and you don’t deserve to understand the brilliance of the whole show. It’s called “The Office” not “The JAM Show.” It’s not fair to abandon the whole thing for just two characters.

In conclusion, I just want to plainly state that “The Office” is still great to me and to many others. The characters have made me smile and taught me to think lightly about my day-to-day struggles. Oh yeah, speaking of actors, I will miss Steve a lot when he leaves after the 7th season. I hope Michael Gary Scott gets what he wants in the end. I know I got what I wanted from him and all the others. I trust the writers and I know that the 7th season will be as great as the past 6 that manically came before it.
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Well it looks like Ryan's dream of a paperless paper company has come true!

I received an email today inviting me to apply for a position at Dunder Mifflin Infinity!

So I did it - giggles!

I applied for Regional Manager of MO - Independence Branch of Dunder Mifflin.

I now need employees - ANY takers?

Here are a few details:

Dunder Mifflin Paper Company is entering the online marketplace and growing quickly across the United States and Canada. We’re looking for highly motivated self-starters to join our Dunder Mifflin Infinity program. You’re in full control of your Dunder Mifflin destiny: you...
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