November 2, 2008

In this week’s Page Six Magazine – Amy Ryan talks about what it takes to be famous and how a guest stint on The Office may be just what the actress needs to catapult her to stardom – and allow her to live happily ever after.

On her role in The Office:
“I think it’s one of the funniest shows on TV. I felt so lucky to go [to work and] laugh my head off. I’ve been guaranteed to screw up at least three takes a day, ruining my makeup in the process by crying with laughter – that’s now funny the cast is.”

On being ready for the spotlight:
“I guess I should have just done a reality show, gone out in dresses without my panties and skipped the years of hard work- then everyone would know who I am. Being a working actor was always the goal. It wasn’t about fame for me. But now that I’m older, and I’ve been at it a while, I’m ready for the attention. I think I’ve earned it.”

On being Oscar-nominated for her role in Gone Baby Gone:
“The role was like winning the lottery. I had been playing scratch-offs for years and finally the stars aligned for me. I was up against incredible actresses like Cate Blanchett, Ruby Dee and Tilda Swinton. Are you kidding me? Of course I didn’t expect to win!”

On never forgetting where she came from:
“I grew up in the same house in Queens my dad grew up in. My family keeps me grounded and deeply rooted in New York. There’s no chance of me getting a big head.”

On marriage and children:
“I never envisioned a white dress with rice being pelted at my head, [but] I do understand the beauty of choosing life with one person. I have four nieces and they’re great, so I never worry about whether or not I should be having kids.”

On the Presidential election:
“I’m a Barack Obama supporter. He has the knowledge, work ethic and charisma needed to make a change. I don’t think anyone should vote based on what a celebrity has to say, but come Election Day, I hope others agree with me.”

For more on Amy Ryan, check out this week’s issue of Page Six Magazine, free inside the Sunday edition of the New York Post and online on Monday at www.pagesixmag.com. For a preview of this week’s issue, click on link.