Looking back, some of these old clips on 'The Office', were probably a big refresher. It didn't help that I not too recently watched those very same clips, but it was good to view some of the Season One office people and how some matured, while others became more childish over the seasons. The funny thing is, there was a similar video on 'YouTube' which quoted their Ten Reasons To Watch The Office, so another reason could be that even if you missed a popular clip, you could watch it again on this reminiscent episode of 'The Banker'.

If I were to be realistic, I know of other series that have attempted to reuse old clips and make it into a new episode. On those occasions I wasn't intrigued by their approach, The Office bears no exception. I wonder why Toby still works there; he has no hope with Pam and Michael despises his guts, so why bother? There was literally a tiredness and exhausted look on his face, while he was being questioned, I was really tired watching him as well.

Dwight claims he doesn't waste company time and envisions himself as a committed employee, but the things he does for Michael sometimes shows of his 'Five Year Old' complex. Did anyone else notice Ryan's glasses and his strange urge to carry of 'The UrKel' look? Is he trying to look more like Dwight or become his sidekick?

There was not much advancement with this episode, which was quite disappointing. I don't know if the producers were trying to be cost efficient, or what made this nostalgic episode come about. Maybe they believed the fans would appreciate being reminded of what we love about 'The Office' or probably after the long break they wanted to play 'catch-up' Who knows? I just didn't like it that much.

The scene where Kelly slaps Michael on 'Diversity Day', that Kelly is gone and I remembered how much I laughed that episode. It's amazing, after the moment is gone, you can't really have the exact same laugh, probably an appreciation. Anyway, I was really fed up at the end of it all. At least everything wasn't made up of clips and they tried to bring in a little act in between. The best part would have been the 'Jim and Pam' Niagra Falls wedding, for me anyway.




Three Stars

Grade C-