I watch many shows, and I've seen and understand that they change over seasons. Characters evolve, stories change... Some are handled very well, almost making recent seasons surpass the beginning. But there are those that lose something in these changes and I believe that The Office has long passed this point. And yes, I hate having to think of my shows ending, especially when they have the legacy that The Office has, but really, it's time.
Now when I was thinking of a time when it would've been perfect to close, it hit me. Season 3. I know it's long past this time, but imagine the season 3 finale and how perfect of an ending place this could be. As this is the place, in my mind, the show really lost something. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Jim and Pam: I love Jim and Pam. And while cutting the season off then would've taken away the beautiful dating period, proposal, wedding, baby. It's gotten to the point where their storyline is pointless. It's lost what it had at the beginning (and I'm not someone who immediately complains when they're couple finally gets together). And it would've been so much better to have left what happens to the imagination of the viewers.

2. Michael: So we all know Michael. He says awkward things, makes us cringe, but in a funny way. For the past few seasons what I have been seeing from Michael is still cringe worthy but not in a funny way. The situations he puts himself in and the way that he reacts isn't relatable or even funny anymore. It's just plain out annoying and stupid.

3. Storylines: This isn't a show like Lost, where there are mysteries and questions to be answered. But the storylines they have been bringing into the show have lost the ability to keep me entertained and make me laugh. Ryan getting promoted, then going to jail, to come back and work for Michael again as a temp. Michael and Jan, him going off to start his own company only to come back to DM. Jim being promoted and the company about to go under. All of the storylines just go in circles. None of them hold any significance or ground of their own. They don't do anything to further characters (that at this point have been stretched out as far as they can go), and they definitely don't stick with me.

Now, my mom and I have both been trying to dissect this and try to figure out what it hitting us wrong about the show at this point. These are the reasons I have come up with so far and while there are probably more, and some people won't agree with my idea. I really believe the show should be ended, before I'm put off entirely. Because trust me, I don't want The Office to be the first of my shows that I give up on.