It wasn't really established whether or not the insurance agent was 'mafia' or not. He actually seemed like an insurance agent, because when it comes to Dwight, Michael and Andy, they usually can blow a simple solution out of proportion.

The one thing we as people learn over the years is that you don't mess with a newlywed couple on their honeymoon, no matter how dire the situation is. I am sure Jim and Pam were well aware that Michael would find a way to interrupt their time away, I think Jim dealt with it the best. Usually when you are trying to cut someone off you pretend as though you are breaking up. A little harsh, but calling someone to talk about the mafia while you are on your honeymoon, I would just hang up. Knowing Michael would probably keep calling for sport, so it's always best to just keep the conversation short and stop it from ever happening again.

I couldn't believe it when Oscar called Jim, I didn't know he relied on him for office advice so profoundly. So when Michael actually got intimidated into signing the insurance policy and then backing out when he believed he wasn't Mafia, I kept wondering why he didn't fear for his life upon the surface of Dwight and Andy's lie. It's funny how low they perceive Michael. I probably know what Michael thinks of both Andy and Dwight. Jim, next time do not leave your social security lying around, the person that steals your identity could very well be your best friend, or at least someone you know.

Now that the honeymoon is over, what's up for the Newly Weds and gosh how would their baby fit into the office lifestyle?




Three and A Half Stars

Grade B-