Finally it's the big one 'Jim and Pam's Wedding' and everyone from the office is invited. I am sure Jim and Pam could have easily told them a different venue and have their wedding elsewhere with only their family and true friends, dumping the drama down the drain. As much as Jim and Pam may resent working with some real downers, their wedding would not be the same without them. That and they would have creepy phone calls and unending chatter if they stood everyone up.

The one thing I loved about this two part episode is that we got to see both sides of the family relating to Jim and Pam. We had some re-occurrences and new faces, but out of all Pam's Grandmother took the cake. I knew someone would have revealed Pam's pregnancy and all eyes would have been on Michael, but the way Jim delivered it '...because of obvious reasons' was essential and in a way unexpected from him.

I can tell you for sure that I didn't really peg Dwight to be the stud muffin the writers portrayed him as nor did I ever believe a member of Pam's family would fall head over heals for him. That was an odd twist to the show when Dwight sent Pam's sister away like a one night stand put away like last weeks garbage. I actually felt sorry for her, especially since her taste in men lacked the necessary thrill of the moment. It would have been fun to see Angela and Dwight use the moment to rekindle or deal with whatever flame they once had together. The whole Dwight-Andy-Angela triangle is still unresolved.

I honestly commend Jim and Pam for redeeming their marriage at the last moment, every girls dream is to have their wedding at Niagra Falls on th Maid of the Mist...well at least it was for Jim and Pam when they tied the knot, it was one of the most beautiful scenes. I saw the expressions on their faces when everyone decided to make a mockery of their wedding-somewhat- it was like 'You can do whatever you want to this wedding, because my dream wedding just passed a few hours ago. At least the engagement is over.




Four and a Half Stars

Grade B+