Running an office is just about as easy as trying to turn a straight corner; easy to figure out it's complete difficulty and that it's nearly impossible.

Michael still doesn't have the hand of things and this meeting between Jim and David pushes the unstable front and lack of control Michael displays. Jim believed that keeping Michael out of the loop was for his own benefit, but that also showed carelessness on Jim's part seeing as Michael has the attention span of a five year old and by keeping him out of the loop only meant that he would want to get closer to the root of things. The entire time I kept wondering why would Jim depend on Michael at all.

Sometimes I just expect nothing less or nothing more out the the character Steve Carell plays. He has an eccentric way of making Michael come off as completely silly and unique at the same time, there is simply no other character like him on the television I've grown to admire. Michael is just an overgrown lad and I do believe 'The Office' represents something bizarre and underline, unnoticeable to naked eye, carrying an inner meaning.

I haven't quite figured it out yet, but I believe this co-manager was an attempted ploy on Jim's part to supersede Michael. He must have known Michael would go crazy, the co-manager position puts him one step closer. Jim has a lot to loose if he doesn't up his status, especially since he would be a family man soon.

Greg Daniels and Aaron Shure have a lot on their plate, but I must commend them for finally putting use to Toby and Darryl some of the most underused characters this season. Spying on Darryl was classic, I truly believed in one split second that Darryl was caught for sure, only to be introduced to a fierce look-a-like. One of the few comedy moments this half hour. Teaming up Toby and Dwight together was sure a better way to go.

This season seems to carry a certain storyline, which gives it a measure of consistency. You would have to be a firm 'The Office' watcher to grasp some of the humor thrown our way. I can say I strongly miss Holly in these episodes her storyline is unresolved, even though it might not be best placed here with the theme the writers are taking on. I am still interested in next weeks' installment.



Toby: "Hey you ass**** you going to eat all that dog food yourself" Who knew Toby had it in him. For a moment there I believed Darryl was innocent. In no way was this meant to sound harsh, but was that really Darryl's sister?

Michael: "David Wallace and I have talked and we've decided to promote Jim to the position of co-manager"

Stanley: "Co-manager of what"

Michael: "Of your butt... and your butt and your butt..."

It's amazing the questions Michael responds to and the answers he responds to?


Andy carrying Michael in the tray and explaining the cheese.


Dwight and Toby

Kelly is still into Ryan?

Pam trying to get everyone to RSVP or not.

Meredith and well ...Angela

Leave it to the office to cause you to tune in a half hour, it just doesn't leave you.



Four out of Five Stars

Grade B-