This isn't a wordy article as much as it's just a little collection of pictures from the past seasons. I'm not going into my what I like and don't like about the changes Pam has gone through throughout the show (some I really like and some I don't so much), but it's cool to look back either way!
Things to note: her hair, makeup, clothes - plus the background and location of the interviews! It's fun to see the different set ups throughout the years!

My final three comments:
1) I hope you enjoy
2) Pam's the best
3) Comments/thoughts welcomed!
"Pilot" 1x01
"The Dundies" 2x01
"Gay Witch Hunt" 3x01
"Fun Run" 4x01
"Weight Loss" 5x01
"Gossip" 6x01
"Nepotism" 7x01
"The List" 8x01