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onthebroadway posted on Jun 09, 2010 at 05:30AM
The Lion King Disney's popular animated movie titled THE LION KING has set a new box office record at the Madison during its four-week premiere that had concluded on Sunday on the 23rd of May. THE LION KING is to date the highest grossing theatrical production that has ever played at the Overture Center for the Arts. It has generated almost five million dollars and has entertained over seventy thousand people over the years.
This show had managed to make a major economic impact on the city and had ended up drawing several thousand people who had not been theatergoers in the first place. In fact there had been several travelers that had travelled more than 100 miles away just to see the aforementioned show. The Lion King musical has a prestigious Tony(r)-Award under its belt for the best Musical and owing to it there has been a (US dollars) 15 million economic benefit that this Capital City has gotten from the tourists and hotels and restaurants.
In accordance to people who saw it had been everything they had hoped for, and more. When it had been playing the energy that could be felt from the building had been just incredible. There have been some subscriptions for the following season already, and it’s pretty much clear that a good number of people who have subscribed are the ones who had had a marvelous time and a great experience at The Lion King musical. Although there is quite a lot of business community almost all year round, but the respective show had been a big booster, which turned out to be a good thing for everybody.
Jack Eldon who is the Vice President for the Domestic Touring of the Disney Theatrical Productions has said in an interview that they were extremely proud that they got the opportunity to share this once in a lifetime experience with all the theatergoers and they were glad that it managed to entertain not only the regular theatergoers but also its first-time audience.
Its success story does not end here. The North American touring production of the respective musical has managed to draw more than 12 million theatergoers and has generated a whooping figure of more than (US dollars) 775 million to date. This tour is one of the seven productions that have premiered all across the world including New York City, London, Hamburg and Paris and Tokyo to name a few.So buy link and get the real entertainment live on stage.

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