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Some time back, I read somehwere that Michael Jackson outbid both Yoko and Paul for the copyrights to all the Beatles music. Then I heard later, that Michael had to sell some of them off to pay attorney fees for the bad things in his life. Does anyone know for sure?

SIDENOTE: I know that Paul owns all the rights to all Buddy Holly's music. Pretty cool.
 tkp353 posted over a year ago
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The Beatles Answers

paulmccartney said:
yeah i think michael jackson sold the beatles songs to sony.
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posted over a year ago 
I WILL BUY THE RIGHTS. FOR TEN JILLION DOLLARS. :D It'd just be nice to know you own the closest thing to them. lol
rainandbomba posted over a year ago
but i was gonna buy them
paulmccartney posted over a year ago
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