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The Bad Era Question

Hey I gots a story question...

Would you guys be all for this story I've been writing for a while? When it says you, it's talking about Michael, cuz that's how I wrote it, and it's like I'm talkin to him in first person.....
ANYWAYS. On to teh importantsssss...... ^o^
I'm myself, a 15 year old girl, and this is BAD era, so Michael's around his late 20's... And we're in love (No smexens, I promise!) and... Yeah. Would you read? (Will also be posted on MICHAEL JACKSON)

 iLoveMJMost posted over a year ago
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The Bad Era Answers

mjfanforever22 said:
i would love to read your story i love to listen to good stories that make me cry laph and just enjoy it
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posted over a year ago 
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