Television {The Television Challenge} // Which One Of My Choices Can You Agree With?

Pick one:
show that should have never been canceled; ugly betty
show that i wish more people were watching; hart of dixie
newest show; american horror story
favorite show ever; lost
show i hate; gossip girl
favorite episode of favorite tv show; through the looking glass
least favorite episode of favorite tv show; exposé
show everyone should watch; friends
best scene ever; birth of dany's dragons
show i thought i wouldn’t like but ended up loving; chuck
show that disappointed; heroes
episode i've watched more than 5 times; all friends episodes
favorite childhood show; the simpsons
favorite male character; nathan young
favorite female character; daenerys targaryen
guilty pleasure show; america's next top model
favorite mini series; harper's island
favorite opening sequence; skins
best tv show cast; the big bang theory
favorite kiss; freddie/effy first kiss
favorite ship; jack/kate
favorite series finale; friends
most annoying character; joffrey baratheon
best quote; "i guess i'm just a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside a bitch"
show i plan on watching; fringe
best pilot episode; misfits
first tv show obsession; beverly hills 90210
current tv show obsession; the vampire diaries
saddest character death; charlie pace
 mswaldass posted over a year ago
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