Television My top twenty favorite shows and my #1 from each. Which is your favorite combination?

Pick one:
24; jack bauer
home movies; brendon small
rome; lucius vorenus
frasier; frasier crane
nip/tuck; kimber henry
south park; tweek tweak
ghost whisperer; melinda gordon
dead like me; george lass
the oc; ryan atwood
friday the 13th: the series; micki foster
damages; ellen parsons
daria; sandi griffin
futurama; professor farnsworth
my name is earl; earl hickey
roswell; kyle valenti
law & order: criminal intent; robert goren
the sopranos; christopher moltisanti
lipstick jungle; victory ford
dilbert; the pointy-haired boss
popular; brooke mcqueen
 jlhfan624 posted over a year ago
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