Television Oh No! You fall off of a roof, what do you expect to happen?

Pick one:
You're expecting CSI guys to find out the identity of the man that pushed you!
Your powers will kick in, you'll either time travel or fly...I'm cool like that!
Hope its not too high and have House figure out why your brain lost control
Your fall is broken by J.D. who was just wondering if it could really rain men
The Vampire you were fighting will steal that cell-phone you just paid for....dam
Wake up to Dwight holding beets over you,"They work just like smelling salts!"
Susan to join you in the hedges pretty soon,both were spying on wierd neighbors
GOB to come up to me and say to me "You've made a huge mistake."
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Mick St. John will catch you then go kill the vamp that pushed you
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 oldmovie posted over a year ago
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