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Pick one:
House/ Cuddy/ Wilson- House, M. D.
House/Cuddy/Wilson- House, M.D.
Hotch/ Prentiss/ Reid- Criminal Minds
Hotch/Prentiss/Reid- Criminal Minds
Stabler/ Benson/ Novak- Law & amp; Order: SVU
Stabler/Benson/Novak- Law & Order: SVU
Garrett/ Jordan/ Nigel- Crossing Jordan
Garrett/Jordan/Nigel- Crossing Jordan
Harm/ Mac/ Bud- JAG
Harm/Mac/Bud- JAG
Rizzoli/ Isles/ Korsak- Rizzoli and Isles
Rizzoli/Isles/Korsak- Rizzoli and Isles
Cooper/ Griffith/ Simms- Criminal Minds: Suspect...
Cooper/Griffith/Simms- Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior
Mac/ Stella/ Flack- CSI: NY
Mac/Stella/Flack- CSI: NY
Rush/ Valens/ Vera- Cold Case
Rush/Valens/Vera- Cold Case
McCoy/ Kincaid/ Briscoe- Law & amp; Order
McCoy/Kincaid/Briscoe- Law & Order
Booth/ Brennan/ Hodgins- Bones
Booth/Brennan/Hodgins- Bones
Grissom/ Willows/ Stokes- CSI
Grissom/Willows/Stokes- CSI
Dinozzo/ Todd/ Sciuto- NCIS
Dinozzo/Todd/Sciuto- NCIS
Mulder/ Scully/ Skinner- The X Files
Mulder/Scully/Skinner- The X Files
Odo/ Kira/ Quark- Star Trek: DS9
Odo/Kira/Quark- Star Trek: DS9
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