Television Which medical tv show is better?

Pick one:
Grey&# 39; s Anatomy
Grey's Anatomy
House MD
It's all goooood!
Private Practice (what? it is still kind of medical!)
Added by Kaddison
Casulalty uk programme
Added by jess_welsh
Doogie Howser
Added by nphfan
nip tuck
nip tuck
Added by frylock243
In A Heartbeat
Added by gracery
I don't know what you mean.
Added by seacat243
General Hospital
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Dr. House & Grey's Anatomy
Added by DivaMiller
Shortland Street
Added by 007sheri
chicago hope
chicago hope
Added by shamrocks51
House and Scrubs
House and Scrubs
Added by Daralek
house, greys and pp
house,greys and pp
Added by Paramore-CSI
ER and Three Rivers
ER and Three Rivers
Added by Rayefire
Grey&# 39; s Anatomy & amp; Private Practice
Grey's Anatomy & Private Practice
Added by GreysLuver1
I don&# 39; t like/ watch medical tv shows...
I don't like/watch medical tv shows...
Ghost Whisperer
Added by CAMiLLA-o1
M* A* S* H*
Added by lano500
House, ER& amp; Grey&# 39; s (;
House,ER&Grey's (;
Added by Huddy_Gurly
Scrubs and Private Practice
Scrubs and Private Practice
Added by Veridissima
Nurse Jackie
Added by Surpr1zzm33
Saving Hope
Added by tonyziva1234
Scrubs and Doogie Howser
Scrubs and Doogie Howser
Added by nelyarg
The Night Shift
The Night Shift
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