Television Oh No! You wake up one morning in a television show, what will you do?

Pick one:
The Office, organize with Jim a spirit week, first up Crazy Hair Day!
Lost, go insane, well what else can you do?
Grey's anatomy, hook up with Mcdreamy and Mcsteamy at the same time!
One Tree Hill, get yourself pregnant, now Lucas will have to stay with me!
Desperate Housewives, move out of Wisteria Lane as fast as you can
Heroes, Sweet untill you find out you ability is to clean surfaces, WTF?
House md, Patient of the week...SHIT!
Friends, purposely take the sofa in "Central Perk"
The Simpsons, hhmmm being yellow is...interesting....
CSI, hey I'm not dead yet! Stop collecting samples!
How I Met Your Mother,Find Out Who The Mother Is.
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The L Word, then hang out with Shane <3
Added by Vishee
NCIS, do experiments with Abby
Added by tonyziva1234
Doctor Who, become the Doctor's companion
Added by teampetrova
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 oldmovie posted over a year ago
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